Friday, January 17, 2014

Random Fridays.....

Mom got an email from our contact with Ontario Bloodhound about two dogs about an hour away from us. Seems that they are left out back and basically ignored. The female is so big she won't fit in the doghouse and has been left to the elements. A local rescuer has been after the people to release them....which they finally did. And then loaded their motorcycles on a travel trailer behind their new truck and took off for Florida (before we even have the dogs). Grrrrrr

The female is in foster and the male is being boarded until he can be vetted and then will be moved to a foster home.

And of course, this is the mom we are talking about, there were two cats hanging out at the house too. Both pretty friendly. And mom had one carrier.... She was contemplating the drive back out there this weekend (cause when they got Blu out to get him in the car, the cats both scattered). However, the woman from the local basset rescue that was helping with the boarding kennel stopped by as mom was dropping him off. The lady is on the board of the local humane society...they know about the cats and someone is going out in the next couple of days to pick them both up and bring them to the shelter. thank cod....

Mom is still working with Cumin. He won't come looking for attention, but at least doesn't run away like mom has cooties or something. We still wish he had a friend, but it is early in the kitten season.

We did learn something interesting about him....when mom picked him up someone said his name was "fed ex". So not keeping that. But mom asked Miss Mona the other day what was up with the name. And it seems the a Fed Ex driver found him and asked at one of the Petco stores where we have adoptable cats about what to do with him and they took him and called the rescue. Cute....

And in a hilarious moment, mom pulled into the garage late after dropping off the dog on Wednesday night. As she parked, she looked up and.....there was Allie our feral girl. Mom has several spots set up for her to sleep, and now Allie is BUSTED since mom knows her spot.  :)  Oh, and it isn't the nice new shelter with the straw either. MOL


  1. You guys sure have had a busy week! Rescue is never-ending...

  2. Aw, poor goggies! Glag you got them outta there and that the kitties will be rescued too! I think Cumin is a much better name than Fed Ex!
    So glad Allie is still seeking shelter with you!

  3. Do glad you got those bloodhounds away from those people, and that the kitties will be taken care of!

    By the way, "bury" means exactly the same think in England as in the States! Except it's a town name as well!

    The Chans

  4. Thank God you were able to rescue those poor bloodhounds. We're hoping that awful couple get a speeding ticket on their way to Florida and a really bad sunburn. Though they deserve much worse.
    Bless you for helping.

  5. So glad Allie is A-OK.
    Those poor doggies. Glad they are good now too

  6. Glad those Bloodhounds are now in safe hands and in a warm environment. Hopefully the kitties will be safe too.
    Yay for the Fedex guy who saved Cumin! :)

  7. guys...hope de kittehs iz catched N taken ta safe tee two....N glad de pupz is on ther way ta a better home...if they had been heer N spotted, de peepulz wooda faced felony charges...hope everee one haza grate week oh end N stayz outta trubull...KNOT !!!

  8. Hooray for the nice saves and we are sure happy for those poor woofies!

  9. Congrats on the dog rescue and fingers crossed for the cats!

    Good luck with Cumin...He'll come along in due course--he's making progress, thanks to you!

  10. How could humans do that to those poor doggies. Sheesh. Some humans should never have pets. We're glad your mom was able to help them out.

  11. Great that you rescued them - I often think of how many abused/neglected pets there are and I get so very sad.

    thanks for helping them!!!!

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog archives for some informative posts and archived stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.
    Debby in Arizona

  12. HURRAH for your Mom and the hounds and kitties that will soon be in MUCH better care!

  13. Thank goodness those bloodhounds were saved and we hope those humans never get to look after any animals again ever. We're sure Cumin will settle in soon and become a lovely cat for someone.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Some beans are just plain stupid! To leave the woofies and kitties alone while they run away....well, we kinda hope they gets runned over themselves.

    We is purring efurryone, including Cute Cumin find their furever homes soon.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  15. We're SO THANKFUL for people like your mom! Thank God you rescued those Bloodhounds - and I sure hope the kit-cats will be taken care of, too!
    Play bows,

  16. Great job about the bloodhounds. Some people shouldn't have animals and it is wonderful that dedicated pople like you can then step in!

    Cumin is very , very cute!

    the critters in the cottage xo


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