Friday, August 17, 2012

Black Cat Appreciation Day.....

Of course, Mozart thinks that should be EVERY day. And his siblings say....pfffft.

Mo gives his siblings the evil eye for their disregard

Mo says we need to feature a few black cats that need to be adopted:

Winnie's Wish has a couple of adorable black kittens:
Hershey Bear: Domestic Medium Hair - Brown, Cat; Grand Chain, IL  Hershey Bear
Maverick: Domestic Short Hair-Black, Cat; Grand Chain, IL  Maverick
Mickey Mouse: Domestic Short Hair-Black And White, Cat; Grand Chain, IL Mickey Mouse
**yeah, yeah, we know he isn't black, but he is Maverick's brother and he is SORTA black. :)
The rescue where mom volunteers has several black cats & kittens, but we want to tell you about 2 of them:
She had been adopted but was returned when her family was tranferred to Japan. Now, normally we get a little annoyed by returns "for moving" but we think the distance and the fact that we have heard it is really super hard to find housing in Japan that will allow pets is a good enough reason in this case.
From the shelter: Antonia has a lot of love to give and she would be happy to give some to you. Antonia is a beautiful ebony cat with a calm and quiet disposition. She loves to quietly follow staff around during the day and to rub up against their legs as they walk around the room. She really enjoys having her head petted and especially loves it when she is scratched behind her ears. She does not like to be held too much, but she loves to sit in laps and constantly tries to be with anyone she can. She sometimes is a little hesitant to hang out with the other cats at the shelter, but she tolerates them as long as they do not try to wrestle with her too much or steal her favorite cat beds. Antonia was adopted from our shelter a year ago but was returned recently because her adopters had to move to China and could not take Antonia along. She is a little stressed to be back at the shelter, but please give her a chance to show you her amazing personality and sweet disposition. Antonia promises to make your days and nights less lonely.
Chloe is a BIG girl. Mom calls her the beach whale - she is living in the directors office. You can hear her calling for attention when you walk into the shelter. And when you walk in the office, she immediate drops to the floor and rolls over for tummy rubs.
From the shelter: Chloe is a wonderful girl who has had a rough start to life. She was originally brought to Logan County Humane Society over two and a half years ago. At the Humane Society, adult cats take a very long time to be adopted, even if they are as sweet and wonderful as Chloe. For this reason, she stayed at Logan County for over three years. She recently was transferred to us in the hope that her adoptive family will come soon to CHA and take her home. She is a goofy girl - When you come in the room with her, she will instantly lay down and arch up her back and invite you to pet her. She LOVES attention and is a purr machine. When you pet her, she will happily knead her paws and purr away. When you sit down, Chloe will come right up and put her two paws on your lap. Chloe has been exposed to other cats thoroughly for the last three years and as a result, she gets along with everyone.
So, there you have it. Our house panther and some house panthers that need homes. Need more incentive?  Our pal Romeo the cat posted about Why Black Cats are Awesome
Have a great weekend.


  1. Purring that these black beauties find their perfect forever homes.

  2. Utterly adorable!!! Why oh why are these beauties overlooked! So so sad! Take care

  3. Huge adoption purrs for the lovely black kitties. Where we live, black cats are mostly considered lucky :)

  4. Claws crossed that this is a great weekend for black cat adoptions.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Black cats are the very best. We did not know it was black cat day or we would have put all of ours on our post. Oh well. Those are some good looking black characters and we sure hope they find a great home. Have a great week end.

  6. Those look like super nice and very pretty cats. I sure do hope they find really great forever homes, really REALLY soon. purrs

  7. We love black cats and appreciate them every single day!

  8. Mozart is a very good-looking cat. We hope the cats at the shelter find good homes soon. It never hurts to advertise them a bit - after all, I have 'Luther' in my sidebar. Good luck to all there.

  9. My bestest friend is a black cat - Huffle Mawson! And one of my neighborhood kit-cat pals is Fluffy Black Cat! I'll have to wish them a happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!
    Mo, I hope you have a GREAT one!
    Play bows,

  10. Always makes mine mommy sad to sees the black kitties. Midnight, the one who comes before, is always in her heart.
    We purrs that all these kitties gets furrever homes really soon.
    Your furend, TK

  11. We're purring that these beautiful black panthers find their forever home soon. :)

  12. I love black cats. My first cat was Bart. He was black and he weighed 22lbs. He wasn't fat he was just very big. I loved that cat.

  13. Oh I so hope all of these babies, young and adult both get the homes they so deserve and the love they deserve. They will give back many fold.

  14. Black cats are so cute! I love them!

  15. Black cats rule - we know cuz we have 5!

    cats of wildcat woods

  16. Beautiful girls! They'll surely be in their furever homes lickety-split.
    Mo, you and Rascal here sure would understand each other...Hugs!!!

  17. Black cats are so sweet! And those kitties are awesome! I hope they find their homes soon!!

  18. I wish there was some way to wave a magic wand and make humans instantly appear to adopt these two kitties!

  19. Black cats rock! We hope these cuties find furever homes soon!!

  20. We think blackies are awesome too!!! We have our fingers crossed that CHloe and Antonia find wonderful forever homes soon...they sure deserve it!!!!


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