Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Friday....

Mom took Bourbon to the v-e-t yesterday for follow up x-rays of his knees. There is a sign in sheet at the front desk and while the receptionist was on the phone, mom glanced at it. Someone brought in 2 dogs the night before (this place is 24/7) for "kettle cough". Mom blinked and then laughed. She emailed Miss DeLynn and Miss Kelly and both wondered if you got that from eating too much kettle corn too fast. MOL

Our cousin Max could use some purrs. He was pretty sick this summer and when Mom's brother and sister-in-law got home from picking up the kid from grandma and grandpa, Max had had another episode. He is being treated for a pretty bad infection and will only eat soft fuds. He is about 16 years old now. They know they don't have forever left with him and are keeping him as comfortable as possible.

Speaking of Bourbon, it has been confirmed - the boy has no kneecaps. Which means there isn't really anything they can do for him. Nothing really there to fix. So, he will be adopted out as a special needs kitty. He will have to be kept pretty fit and not be allowed to get overweight. And he may at some point develop arthritis. But we know there is a special family out there that will be charmed by him. Heaven knows the vet staff didn't think she was going to get him back. :)

Oh, and they weighed him for us and Bourbon weighs in at 2.26 pounds. And we know Whiskey is bigger, so mom has to call today to get them scheduled for surgery. Moonshine is pretty skinny and Gin is just... little. :)  (yes, that is her sprawled over the top of the scratching post)


  1. Lots of purrs from Max. We hope he still will have lots of quality time with his humans.

    Kettle cough, huh? LOL. Makes our human think of kettle-cooked potato chips, not corn. :-)

    We hope Bourbon finds the perfect forever home, paws crossed for that.

  2. We are sending lots of purrs for Max.
    We'd never heard of kettle cough but had heard of kennel cough. Gin is such a tiny girl - do you think she will always be tiny?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Sending purrs for sweet Max!!!

    We know there is a wonderful family out there waiting for their shot of Bourbon :-)

  4. We sure do send many purrs to Max. Hope he can stick around for a while now.
    Sure wish you didn't live so far away, I sure would take Bourbon. The last thing I need is another cat but I would figure it out.But it is way too far. That little Gin is so cute draped across the cat tree. Take care and our best to Max.

  5. We're purring that Max stays nice and comfy. :)
    Gin is SO TINY!

  6. I will do my Siberian version of purring for Max! And Bourbon, too. He's such a cute, little guy - I'm sure someone will give him a great forever home!
    Hmm... there sure are a LOT of pix of Gin lately. I have to wonder if she's going to be a foster f-a-i-l-u-r-e. Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,
    PS: "Kettle cough". Ha roo!!!

  7. Max sweet one, purrs and love headed your way and Bourbon, you are precious and dear. xoxoxox

  8. We are purring and praying for Max and his family. And for Bourbon to find a great forever home.

  9. We send big purrs to sweet Max, and hope he feels better soon. We know there is a family for Bourbon out there. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  10. I always think of my fosters as so little (and they are compared to my adults) but sheesh... Ben topped 6 pounds yesterday and my teeny tiny Eloise is over 3 pounds. Yours are pocket sized :-) I held two of my next babies in the palm of my hand, though.

    Poor Max... prayers for him and his family. And Bourbon certainly is special (not that we didn't already know it). His family has to be special too.

  11. Kettle cough? lol, I think my niece has that!
    Bourbon's perfect family is even now getting ready to find him.. they'll be charmed by his personality and will be able to keep him healthy. And maybe they'll even take one of his siblings with him!
    Purrs for Max!

  12. well that is a bummer about Bourbon, but at least he's never known any different so he's not 'missing' anything. purrs the right family shows up at just the right time.

    More purrs for Max.. may their time be special and extensive.

  13. I will send my best purrs Max's way! I hope he has LOTS of quality time left with his humans.

    I am sure Bourbon will do just fine - and I hope the right family comes along soon for him!

  14. We hope Max and his family continue to enjoy their precious time together.Max, we send you our love :)
    Bourbon you are one unique kitten and we just know there is an equally unique and special family out there waiting to find you!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. Poor Max, getting older isn't easy. Wishing you the best. Zaphod and Hailey

  16. Purrs for Max and his family, we hope they both continue to enjoy one another's company for some time yet.

    Little Bourbon, we also believe someone special will see how wonderful you are.

    Mom sitting here making funny noises over little Gin...time for us to go, MOL!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  17. oh many many purrs for Max.... kneecaps?!? Mowzers, Bourbon! We've never met a kitteh wif no kneecaps!

    Mommy nearly fell out of her seat reading the kettle cough comment. HAAAA

  18. We were thinkin things seeemed good til we read along. Our purrs to the kittehs... No kneecaps fer Bourbon and then surgerys fer others. Purrs...

  19. sending lots of purrs where needed....

    I love the "alcohol kittens" names!!!


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