Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The chair in our living room is oversized and mom's favorite spot. There is a big pillow on it too. As mom was sitting there over the weekend, Bourbon balanced himself in the crack between the pillow and the arm of the chair.....and fell asleep. Mom couldn't resist taking more pictures of his cute self......
(no, no one got adopted)

So, we all know that Doc is deaf. Ignores the vaccuum, can sleep through anything (including the cat food cans opening), etc....

But there was a weird event last night. See, mom has seen Doc's ears swivel before - but she wasn't sure if it was habit or whatever. Last night, however, she was watching a special she dvr'd about a month ago. It was about a wolf pack in Washington state (the special was good too). At one point the pack howled.

Now, here is the important part. The TV wasn't overly loud. Doc was about 4 feet away on the floor playing - not facing the TV. And the picture on the screen was just a night shot - the sound was the important part.

An adult howled - a lower sound. And then some pups joined in and their howl had a much higher pitch. And Doc's ears snapped up and his head snapped around to face the TV. And then ran over and was trying to find the noise in the TV.

Mom's jaw hit the floor. So now we suspect he can hear "something" - but it must be above a certain pitch. This is probably the first time mom has truly seen him react to a sound. This won't change his adoption status - he will still be listed as special needs and deaf - with no small kids to startle him. But it is interesting that he must be able to here certain things.....


  1. I am so happy to read this. Good good good. XXXX to him and glad he will still be listed as special needs as he is, in essence. And no small kids..wonderful! xxoo

  2. How great that he can hear some sounds.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. That's amazing! It must have been quite a surprise to see him react so keenly.

  4. That little Bourbon is just too cute. Love the picture.
    That is also so exciting about Doc. Maybe he will be able to hear more as he gets older. Good news. Have a great day.

  5. Maybe Doc is like most husbands and just has selective hearing loss....

  6. That's so cool, Doc!!!
    Bourbon... you are just WAYYYYYY too cute!!!
    Play bows,

  7. Maybe Doc could be adopted by an opera singer who can reach the high notes!

  8. That's very interesting about Doc. And really good news! :)
    Bourbon is such a cutie, sleeping in the position that he's in.

  9. sigh, now I want to go home and take a nap with kitties..

  10. Oh my gosh! how exciting! have you tried Kitty kitty-ing him in a high squeaky voice?? They say cats respond more to names/words that end in the ee sound, maybe some high ones will get his attention!

    Love the little Boourbon and his feet! I could just kiss those little black toes!

  11. That's good news. Cats have an incredible range (both higher and lower) that we can't hear. Deaf cats manage just fine. Hope Doc finds a purrect 4-ever home.

  12. Bourbon is adorable!! Look at his toesies!!

    Awww yay for Doc!! It does read as if he has some hearing there! Yay!! Take care

  13. Doc is adorable!! So is Bourbon! lol

  14. I am wondering if Doc can hear things humans can't!

  15. Well Doc...know someone can ask you, "What's up Doc?!!" and you just might be able to tell them in the future!! :)
    Good news!
    And Bourbon is too cute for his own good!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  16. Woohoo Doc! You are like our Nuka! We KNEW you were the perfect kitty to be an Honorary Member of the WDA!

    AND we think we have that same oversized chair! Weird, huh?

  17. How awesome that Doc can hear some sounds, I bet he was excited and just a tad bit surprised too!

    Bourbon is just plain sweet, lovely toes and all the rest of him!

  18. So glad to hear about the hearing! Have a great day. Hailey and Zaphod

  19. Poor little Doc. I wonder if that's one of the first sounds he's heard. Has he been wondering why everyone has been so quite all his life?


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