Sunday, August 19, 2012

Easy Sunday....

We know it seems like mom posts a ton of pictures of Doc (probably cause she DOES), but he was being adorable and it is EASY to take his picture when he is asleep.  :)  Have a nice peaceful relaxing day...

Mom has a cold thingie. She is more snotty than she normally is just from her allergies. And she is coughing too.....

Oh, and she screwed up the laptop. All her other online pages are regular size, but her blogger page page now has tiny print. Any idea what she did????  (PS - figures it out and now can read the page like a normal person)

We do have some news to share. Mom got an update on baby Bear and he didn't make it either. Miss Beckie and us are hanging on to the kitts for another couple of weeks. So far everyone here seems fine.


  1. Maybe it was something they were born with - often ferals are inbred and that causes its own problems.
    Poor Bear.

  2. Doc does "easy" very well.

    But we're so sorry about Bear. Ditto Patty, but even if that's the case, it doesn't make it easier.

    We hope Bear is running and playing at the Bridge now.

  3. Oh baby Bear! :-( We are so sorry!

    Healing hugs to mum too and Doc - you are totally adorable. Take care

  4. Doc makes Sunday REALLY EASY.

    About that Print size thingy.. the next time you go there... go up to the top left side and click on the + Plus SIGN thingy... That makes the print bigger... fur ME at least. Worth a try.

  5. There's something so peaceful about a white snoozy kitty...


  6. Sleepin is just the best thing in the world to do on a Sun-Dae! :o)

    So very sorry to hear about sweet little Bear.

  7. We're so sorry to hear about Bear. :(
    Enjoy your nap, Doc and careful you don't fall off the desk!

  8. I am so sorry to hear about Bear. Even sorrier to know that you are sitting there on your hands not knowing what the heck is going on and waiting to see what happens. I so wish you could know what it was.

  9. We're so sorry to hear about Bear. We hope all the other kit-cats stay healthy!
    Great poses, Doc!
    Play bows,

  10. So sorry to hear about the baby Bear. It's been a tough time lately for the little ones and for you as well. Take care of yourself (and your cold)

    Doc is a sweet little boy, whether he's awake or sleeping!

  11. Doc is a cutie! We love seeing pictures of him! We hope your mom is feeling better soon. And we are so sorry about Bear.

  12. Feel better Mom and so sorry to hear about Bear.

  13. White kitties remind me of angels when they're asleep.

    So sorry about Bear. Hope mom feels better. Have a good week ahead :)

    Tom xx

  14. Oh what a sweet sleeper! I'd take lots of pictures too!
    I'm so sorry about the Bear.

  15. Sweet baby Bear!!!! We are so sorry he didn't make it :-(

  16. This some sweet napping, Doc.
    We purrs that Bear has a easy trip to the bridge and the rest gets better and better.
    Your furend, TK


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