Monday, August 20, 2012

Random things....

Well, mom is doing....OK. She said she isn't sure if it is a nasty cold or what. She keeps kicking us off the bed mumbling about being hot enough without our help. And she sounds like she has a hairball. Do they make laxatone for that???

@Frankie Furter - thanks for the advice about the plus sign in the upper left corner. Ours was hidden on the tool bar but mom found it and no longer has to squint at the screen.

Gin & Maestro

someone (maybe Sally) & Gin

Whiskey & Bourbon

Everyone got updated on their vaccines on Sunday. Now, paws crossed and maybe in another couple of weeks Doc and Sally can head to Petco.

The a/c is working very nicely. Mom has found several of us at different times sleeping on the floor vents. :)

The rescue lady made the comment about Gin being tiny - she is easily about half the size of Whiskey - who is the biggest of that group. And she takes NO crap from her brothers.

And mom wants to know if it is wrong to love recently vaccinated kittens just a little bit more. They were all so very lovey (and tired) on Sunday that at one point mom was dozing in her chair with Whiskey, Bourbon and Moonshine sleeping on her. MOL


  1. Oh the Alcohol Kitties are beautiful!!! Awwwwwww!!

    Healing purrs to mum!! Yay for the a/c working!! Take care

  2. Maybe the AC was full of kitten fur

  3. You are right, your mom just needs a little laxatone. So, you gonna have to sneak some into her food or sometime while she's sleeping, you can dab some on your paw and rub into into her mouth. She'll really appreciate the loving thought, especially when the hairball passes!

    That picture of Whiskey and Bourbon is precious. I'm such a sucker for tabbies!!

  4. Your poor Mom! Maybe she should learn to groom you kitties with a brush and furminator rather than with her tongue. :p We hope her hairball passes soon...
    Love the way Gin is using Maestro as a nice pillow.

  5. Love your book kitties! :) and there is nothing wrong with loving sleepy kitties.. I remember one set of kittens that I never saw sleep. When they came back from being neutered they were still quite groggy and I just sat with them for quite some time watching them sleep.

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon!!! Just love the pic of Whiskey and Bourbon sleeping on a pile of books, so heartwarming :-) Oh I will feel very sad when Doc is adopted...happy of course that he has a good home but sad not to see his delightful self anymore.

  7. Hi beautiful!!!!!
    Have a nice week!

  8. Aww, they're trying to make her feel better, sweat out that cold!
    Hope you feel better soon!!

  9. YEA!! I am glad that your mom found the + thingy and doesn't have to squint now.

    Hope she feels better soon.

  10. What IS it with Moms getting too hot? There's no such thing in our opinion. We think the laxatone is a great idea and we wish we'd thought of it when our Mommy was expelling gooby-goblins last March.

  11. I love the pictures. They look so happy and healthy. Thank you for taking such great care of them.

  12. I adore seeing you babies and no, there is nothing wrong with loving them all the more with their sweet kitten bodies sound asleep looking soft and seeing those little sides go up and down when they breathe. So soothing.

  13. Love how they all chose a prime spot right on top of the cat books! Maybe hoping to soak up some kitty-knowledge through osmosis!


  14. What sweet kittehs. Thank you for taking such good care of them. Purrs and prayers that you feel better soon.

  15. Love all the photos, Gin and Maestro look so cozy together, and the sleeping babies in the bottom one is simply hilarious.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you don't need any laxatone though, lol!

  16. It looks like everybody is on their best behavior so mom can recuperate without stress...VERY good kitties!

    Our momma tends to be VERY crabby when she has sickies so we try to be extra specially good then, too!

    We DID get you email and momma hopes to assemble the tribute page this week ans send you a looksee. Thanks so much for being a part of our Walk.

  17. You guys are SO CUTE!!! That pic of Gin and Maestro is the BEST!
    Play bows,


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