Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Friday....

Mom didn't realized she made a funny about the "hung over" alcohol kittens until she saw some comments yesterday..... MOL

Bourbon (??) and Gin

Moonshine killing the trackball

The White Dog Army is once again helping to organize the Puppy Up! Walk in their area in NM. They are also raising money. Please check them out and help if you can. They are also taking tributes to put up on their wall about survivors and those that has passed on from the evil c monster.
Join us in a new hope for dogs and humans

The auction for the Zooaltry girls and their parents is still going on as well and will end Sunday. There is LOTS of good stuff over there. Just don't be thinking about outbidding us for that blankie we want!!!
Grab the button

OK - one more. Leo and Star over at the Celestial Kitties are having their mom make toys that you can buy and all the profit is going to Miss Chrystal and the kitties and doggies over at the daily dose.

We want to wish everyone in the US a Happy Labor Day Weekend. Mom is declaring her day off on Monday to be a "no labor day". YEAH!!!!

Mom finally stopped procrastinating and sent Doc and Sally's info into the rescue contact to get them up on Petfinder. They are healthy and ready to go and any delay now just means they are getting bigger - at our house rather than in their new homes. :)

Sally May

Doc Holliday


  1. Mommy is just enchanted with those babies. I am too really.

  2. Well we sure hope they find really good homes. Especially Doc with his hearing problems. We are sending purrs that someone nice comes along for them. Hope you have a fantastic week end.

  3. Have a great Labor Day weekend!! Kisses to these amazing kitties! Take care

  4. We hope they get wonderful new homes - the little tabby looks just like Lucy did when we first came to our home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Have a super long weekend!!!!

  6. LOVE that pic of kitty hanging off the cat tree!! I can't even imagine how hard it is to say goodbye to the babies. But I'm sure you take comfort knowing they are in their forever home with people who love them just as much as you did for the first part of their life.

  7. Happy Friday. Hope Doc and Sally find great forever homes soon!

  8. Aww, we thought maybe she was going to forget to ever send off Doc and Sally and they'd just sorta be like.. hey, we're perminant residents! hee hee

  9. Happy Labor Day weekend! We've got the long weekend here in Canada too.

    Totally agree...there should be no labor involved. Though that doesn't include feeding cats and cleaning litter!

    I'll be happy for Doc and Sally when they get their forever homes, but be sad because I won't get to see them. Wishing and hoping for the best possible forever homes for both these special babies!

  10. I think our mom is falling in love with the alcohol kitties. She finds them quite ... intoxicating. HA roo roo roo!!
    Play bows,

  11. Doc and Sally sure are adorable. We have our paws corssed that they find forever homes soon.

    Thank you for sharing about all those great things being done by some of our pals to help others. :)


  12. FaRADaY: *wiggles paw in ear* ow...mommy, quit squeeing when you see DOC!


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