Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....

We are thankful for local rescues.....and for those foster monsters - but don't tell mom!!

And we are thankful for the CB and good friends: which is why we are asking for some help. We are going to help Chrystal transport a kitten but we need help getting him from Illinois to Ohio next weekend. Live somewhere in there? Wander over to cats with your coffee and let her know. Or post a comment here and we will hook you up!!

Troy, Trevor and Mac are doing....ok. Trevor and Troy are good if they are out. Troy got a good look at mom last night and HOWLED to get out. And mom got an email from the cat caregiver about Mac on Tuesday. Seems he is having some adjustment pains - he is growling at everyone. The boys are set up in adjoining cages with the portholes out so they can go back and forth and keep each other company. Mom had a "talk" with Mac and we hope he starts to behave. She did have them out to play and he was playing and a little calmer when she left to come home.

Speaking of coming home - she brought us: Kletus. The shelter has some major URI/snot problems with the kittehs right now. So when she said she was bringing back Troy, Trevor & Mac, she was asked to take a sickie. Of course, they don't know about the gray kits in the bathroom. And telling them would just get mom in trouble....long story.... Anyhow, she asked who they were thinking about? (maybe it would be an adult - can't take those - Tommy's head would BLOW OFF!!!) Kletus....yep, a hillbilly boy (his brothers were Bobbi Bob, Jim Bob, Joe Bob and his mom is Cindy Sue).

He is smaller that the other boys, so mom decided to try him in the bathroom. Bad idea!!! Kiari and Cloud DO NOT LIKE HIM!! He wants to play and they scream. A lot....and very loud! After listening to them last night and while she was taking a shower, she punted him out of the bathroom. And we had to deal with his wound up little self ALL DAY! sigh......  Mom loved the comments from yesterday. She tried so hard to get a cute picture and he would not cooperate.....but he does look like he is playing an instrument.  And those nails?? They got clipped!!

Mom did decide to put him back in the bathroom last night for bed and things went ok until this morning and so she put him back out with us.


  1. Kittens are energetic. The Farm cats were happy when Harry calmed down

  2. David who runs lived in Chicago and has some friends on his board who still do. He posts on the ivillage cats board sometimes, though not lately. But he has friends in Chicago who might be interested in helping with the transport.

  3. LOVED that video of the tunnel rolling with them in it. Hate that there is strife and their hearts are troubled bu this and that but they are lucky babies nonetheless. I hope to goodness travel can be arranged.

  4. Gosh your life sounds as crazy as our Moms. Why can't they all just get along. Hope all of you work things out soon. Have fun. LOL

  5. Kletus sure looks like he enjoys that tunnel. :) We purr and pray the transport works out ... wish we lived in the area.

  6. Awww Kletus!! Yay for Kletus - love that he's enjoying himself anyway! Yay! Take care

  7. Cute rolls little guy! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  8. Wow your mom sounds so super busy and I am very thankful for people like her to help out the kittehs.
    Hang in there and sounds like things might calm down soon :) THank you for the pictures of the little one.

  9. Maybe if someone knows how to reach Amy from the House of Cats...she has driven part of those transports before.

    Poor unsettled kids, we sending gentle calming woos that they overcome their fear and realize that the future is bright.

    Kletus is just a bundle of energy! Sounds like lots of shifting and shuffling to keep everyone happy at are all so wonderful to understand.

  10. mol! ahhh! kitten energy :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie


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