Monday, October 31, 2011

weekend wrapup....

Well mom spent Friday with grandma. Grandma was in some pain most of the day, but by Saturday they seemed to have a better handle on it. Mom took Kiari over with her on Friday to snuggle with grandma. She took both Kiari and Cloud on Saturday....and they slept together in the other chair. MOL

Friday was apparently a bad day all around. The volunteers got to the shelter on Friday and found one of the kittens dead - no idea what happened. Then someone brought in another hit-by-car that had to be helped across the Bridge. And then mom found Kletus and had to call the director. Not a good day for anyone. But the director told mom the same thing that mom has told others.....yes, it is heart breaking, but when it stops affecting you, then you need to be doing something else.  We want to thank you all for your kind words.... mom knows there isn't anything she could have done, but to have him go from fine to not-fine to gone in 24 hours is just helps to know you all care and understand.

We snuggled with mom Friday night to comfort her. She got up early Saturday to help this woofie get to his forever home. As mom says, no matter the heartbreak, life continues on and there is always another animal to save. She drove this run in honor of Kletus.
 Murphy, 2 yr old cattle dog - on his way to his forever home

And then Sparty imploded Saturday afternoon and got run over by the Cornhuskers. sigh.....

So mom decided to crack open a bottle of Witches Brew

We did manage to get some good news on Sunday. Our foster Daffy/Gizmo (there was a paperwork screw up - MOL) was adopted with our friend DeLynn's foster Mozart on Saturday!!! Yeah....

Mom spent Sunday doing some cleaning. Laundry....clean sheets on the bed...and....THE DYSON MONSTER!!!  Run for your lives......

OK - too much excitement for the kittens....time for a nap:

Have a safe and Happy Halloween - we managed to avoid any costumes this year!!!


  1. We're glad there was some good news for your weekend wrap-up, amid the sad. Kitty kisses and hugs to your mom.

    Happy Halloween to you all--we're all in favour of avoiding costumes. LOL.

  2. I hope you all have a safe and treat-filled Halloween!

  3. Wow sure does sound like things are super busy. Im sorry about the losses recently. Your naps sure look good. I will have to go google that witches brew - yummy!

  4. We are sorry your Mom had a hard Thursday and Friday. We think she definitely earned the Witches Brew, which our Mom says looks yummy! We are sending our purrs to Kletus and the little ones you lost and also to all of you.

  5. Awwww me and Charlie think your mum deserves lots more witches brew!! But seriously - we are so sorry for all these little souls going to the bridge. We are so glad there are people out there who care enough and who remember these poor babies!

    And yay for Murphy - what a cutie.

    We continue to send grandma lots of purr and healing hugs! Take care

  6. Gosh...your mom suuuure did deserve that Witches' Brew! Maybe even TWO of them.

    I'm sorry there's been sadness arounds there but I'm ever so glad there's been happiness, too.

    And boy, do I understand abouts the Dyson Monster!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. That was some weekend, with both good and bad! I bet your human needed a few bottles of witches' brew.

  8. Sorry to hear that things have been so tough around there. We are purring and praying that your mom finds much encouragement and joy in the coming days.

    pee ess: is the Dyson Monster like the Eureka Monster at our house?

  9. Happy Halloween!
    We are happy that there was some good news to help with the just plain old SUX sometimes. Jeanne, good luck on the kitten transport this weekend!

  10. I am so sorry that your mommy had that awful terrible time, and it WAS an awful terrible sad sad time. I hope things will now go well and have another witches brew on us. you deserve it, mom.


  11. What a rough, painful week. Thanks for focusing on living not mourning, you are changing the world even if some days it seems hopeless.

  12. dang! we is sorry you has had such a wretched week--we purrs that the next one is a BIG impurrvement!


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