Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Report

Let's see..... Kiari and Cloud were vaccinated Friday after work and were very brave. And they went to an adoption event on Sunday. They aren't ready to be adopted yet, but they were a big hit. Cloud was a little freaked out but mom says Kiari came out of the carrier and seemed to enjoy being held. Mom even got them out of the bathroom and into the pen in the living room Sunday afternoon for a while. Fun was had by most.

Mom did another transport for Bloodhound Rescue. This is Gomer - an 8 month old male who was rescued from a shelter. He was found wandering - probably just followed his nose, but no one ever came to find him. He was very good in the car....

Mom helped at the shelter on Saturday and there were 8 cat/kitten adoptions. She suspects she will get the email soon about Troy, Trevor and Mac having to go back. These guys may be tough to give up - they are just so darned sweet and lovey. Mac and Troy got up in Mom's lap last night and dozed off in her arms. She ended up watching the NFL for about 20 minutes cause she didn't want to make them move.

The weather was nice and we got in some quality window whiffin' as well.  Oh, and mom made another stop Saturday morning, but we will tell you about that later in the week.....


  1. The publicist would never be able to foster kitties...she would want to keep them all.

  2. Lots of good news! Don't worry - Kiari and Cloud will get used to being in the spotlight!

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! That Gomer is a handsome one!

  4. Eight cat/kitten adoptions is great! Paws crossed for Gomer and for your fosters to find wonderful forever homes.

  5. Sounds like a successful weekend!
    PS: My mom wants to hug Gomer.

  6. Another busy weekend for you!!! I bet those kittens keep you sweet :-)

  7. Oh, and Mommy wanted to make a disgusting pun about Gomer's Piles...she is sick sick sick.

  8. Awww the little kitties in the cagey bit with the big cats - how adorable!! Yay!

    Great news about the kitty adoptions too!

    Gomer is gorgeous!!

    Take care


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