Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....

First, we are thankful for the lady that came to the shelter on Tuesday night and put aside her grief for her cat that died to adopt and save a life. And since she couldn't decide, she adopted 2 cats. And her son and daughter-in-law adopted the third that mom put in the room with them. Makes us wonder how many we could have gotten them to adopt???  MOL

Second, we are thankful for the dog walkers on Tuesday. A family came in and said that there was a cat in a nearby parking lot that was hurt. Did they bring it to us? NO!! Did they take some responsibility for finding the cat?? NO!!! However, despite these people, two dog walkers grabbed a crate and some towels and brought the kitty back. We don't know much about him or how bad he was hurt, but even if he had to be helped across the Bridge, he spent the night safe and warm....not outside and suffering.

Third, as always, we are thankful for mom and for the matter the good news or bad news, people step up to give a word of encouragement and that makes mom willing to keep going, no matter what....

Our grandma is having surgery on her hand today, so could you guys send some purrs and grrs in her direction? Mom is taking tomorrow off to play nurse - grandma doesn't react so well to the drugs, so she needs supervision. :)  Mom says that grandma's side of the family has parts where the warranties expire early and often. We aren't sure we get that, but it makes mom laugh when she says it.

OK, we are off to take a nap...being thankful is hard work!!


  1. Purrs to your grandma for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

    And purrs to the cat that was rescued by the dog walkers--whatever happens, we purray it's for his Highest Good.

    Oh, and a big HURRAH for the three cats that were adopted by the woman and her son and d-i-l!

  2. sendin' purrs an' purrayers fur yer gramma!! an' purrs of thanksgiffin' fur those woofie-walkers an' the adopters! hope that junior is really, truly ok, an' not snottin' no more.

    nitro is furry proud you visited our bloggie on HIS day. he knew you unnerstood about whappin'!

  3. Me and Charlie are sending purrs and healing hugs to grandma!! Hope the surgery goes well!

    We are thankful too for the good people who adopt kitties and who help those in need! Yay! Take care

  4. More purrs to your Grandma.

    I hope that rescued kitty is doing well. I know it is easy to be frustrated with the people for not doing more, but considering they could have done so much less (and worse) you do have to remember to be thankful that they took the time to report it. A lot of people are scared of cats (or allergic) and an injured cat is not something to approach unless you know what you are doing and you have the equipment to protect yourself and the kitty.

  5. Thank you for this heartwarming (toasty) IS good to get good news when there is so much sadness for those cats out there...

  6. What a great post. So much to be thankful for, especially the three kittehs who found their forever homes! I can't understand how someone could see an animal hurting but then just pass along the information without any attempt to help it. I guess we should be thankful they at least told someone. Purrs to Grandma for the surgery, and LOL at the parts that expire!

  7. We hope your grandma gets all better very quickly. We send goat hugs.

  8. I am so grateful that the poor baby in the parking lot was rescued what ever his fate. Makes mommy's eyes leak terribly.

  9. YAY for three adoptions!!! We are glad to know that the injured kitty will be cared for now. Hope everything goes well with your grandma's surgery, sending our best healing purrs to her :-)

  10. Purrs and prayers for yout grandma, sweetheart. xxoxoxo

  11. Lots of good news, especially the two adoptions! Many purrs to your Grandma from all of us!

  12. It was nice to hear that three more cats have found loving homes. We hope the injured cat will recover.

    We hope grandma's surgery goes well and will send purrs her way.

  13. We are sending tons and tons of purrs that your Grandma will have a successful surgery. We sure wish her the best. Keep us posted.
    That is so great that you got three cats adopted. Good job.
    Take care.

  14. At least they reported it so it could be saved. Some people are just afraid of cats and injured ones make them think they will turn vicious. That could be the issue, of course we dont know... But you're right at least it was warm and safe! And hopefully alive and being treated.
    Next time you get a family in the adoption room, I suggest tossing in half a dozen and locking the door! Don't open it until everyone is in love!
    Purrs and prayers for the surgery!

  15. We are sending purrs to your Grandma and hope she had a successful surgery and is home now.
    Great news about the adopted kitties!!

  16. Purrs to your grandma... and paws up for those humans who went home with THREE kitties! That was awesome.

  17. Woohoo for second chances in the forms of adoption and being rescued from the cold! May all these kitties have the safety, care, and love they deserve.

    White Dog Army sends healing energy to grandma's hand. We woo for a quick and complete recovery.

  18. We popped over to say hello ~ we love your brick at Chrystals place. xx


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