Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yetis in South Carolina.....

A week ago, our grandpa and Uncle Rob (mom's brother) headed off for North Carolina to walk part of the Appalachian Trail. They did part of it last year in Pennsylvania and decided to move south this year. We think their goal is to do most of it in parts, but we shall see....

Anyhow, mom got a phone call on Thursday from grandma that said the guys were coming out. "Are they OK?" mom asked. "They are," replied grandma, "but they got 3 inches of snow and it is  20 degrees." "Huh? Where are they?" "South Carolina."

OK, we may be bad with a map, but we are pretty sure South Carolina is in, well, the south. Shouldn't it be warmer down there? It isn't even that cold here in Ohio. So, of course mom had to send a text to Uncle Rob. "seen any yetis? heard you chicked out due to some snow. :)"

She got an email later that night....

Here are the yetis:

This is why we came out:


  1. WOWZERS! In South Carolina?!?! That's CRAZY!
    Play bows,

  2. Yup it is cold here but didnt' snow where we live. But we had heard it was going to snow in the mountains. Who would have thunk. Take care.

  3. Early winter eh? All reports are for a hard winter this year

  4. Holy Crap! I KNEW there was I reason I moved to the Yetis!

  5. Somebody needs to tell Mother Nature it is not winter yet!

  6. Oh yikes! We had snow in the middle of summer last year, so nothing is impossible.

  7. I live in south and it can get quite chilly! Once I saw snow in Florida!

  8. Wow!! We wouldn't believed it if we didn't see it!!


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