Thursday, October 6, 2011

Night sounds.....

We have a routine in the house at night. I feed the adults and clean the boxes. Then take care of kittens in the bathroom. Once everyone is settled in, I go to bed and read for a while. When I am ready, I put up the book and turn out the lights....and lay there and listen as I fall asleep:

purrrrrr: Troy has discovered he LOVES to snuggle and is getting comfortable

whish: traffic outside the windows and leaves blowing down the road (I love being able to leave the windows open at night in this weather)

thump/rustle: cats jumping up on the bed and getting comfortable - generally Tim & Tom

scritch/scritch: someone digging in the box

twang....twang/twang: great, the kittens discovered the door stop in the bathroom again. :)

thumpa/thumpa/thumpa...crinkle: at least 2 cats running down the hall and going through the tunnel

MEORW: Maestro howling for no good reason

HEY: me yelling at Maestro to knock it off

purrrrrrrrr: Troy is joined by Trevor and they purr as we all doze off

Some people say they can only sleep where it is silent. I can't sleep in absolute silence....I need the swish of the ceiling fan and the reassurance of the cats around me....


  1. oh I laughed so hard, because that is the EXACT thing I've said about our door stop more times then I care to count.

    as well as the meowing for no good reason.. but Tweedle thinks there IS a good reason. She found a toy and she thinks she is so clever that she can carry it down the hall in her mouth that she has to tell me at the top of her lungs with every step - with the toy in her mouth, so it is a little clever..

  2. A cacophony of sounds to lull you to sleep...

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  3. Mom likes us to surround her at night, too!

  4. No way could my human fall asleep with all that activity going on! That's why there are only 3 of us here, and we all usually go to bed when she does.

  5. Hey, we hear most of those too and they really are the best sounds!

  6. The publicist says she and the male person sleep like pretzels because the four Farm cats take up more bed than they do

  7. Awww such wonderful sounds to lull you to sleep! Yay! take care

  8. AWWWW!

    and way cool, I can comment on your site now!

  9. I loved reading that. It made me smile as the Admiral's mommy. I love hearing those comforting sounds..and I have just one kitty to purr to me but feeling her jump up and settle, and purring or bath taking motions..the brush of a furry plume across my face..a back curled into my tummy...I could go on and on.

  10. Wonderful! We could picture it all!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  11. Oh goodness, your house for some reason sounds just like ours. I love it when they all get in the bed and go to sleep snuggling with me. We don't have the traffic, thank heavens outside. Great post. Love it.

  12. The sounds of kitties lull you to sleep....purrfect!

  13. We also hate it when it is quiet, too quiet! Sounds like the perfect lullaby at your house!

  14. You've got a little orchestra in that house of yours! :) I actually can't sleep if there is too much random noise in my room, but with constant noises, like the whir of the dehumidifier, I am okay.

  15. Such a beautifully poetic post.

  16. Ah the soothing sounds of night life to lull you to sleep.


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