Friday, October 14, 2011

working cats.....

This summer a gentleman came into the shelter where mom volunteers. They started to talk and he said he was looking for a shop cat for their flower shop. Their previous shop cat had crossed the Bridge and the place just wasn't the same. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but as we stood there, a very nice and large tomcat started rubbing on him. He thought about it and came back a few days and adopted Tamali.

A few weeks later, he was back. He and his wife decided they wanted a pair of kittens to have at home. We talked about it and he also seemed to fall in love with an adult female named Sudari.

After a few days of thought, he adopted all three.

Mom went this past Saturday to visit Sudari (now Sophia) and Tamali (now Tony). Both were so relaxed and enjoying their "work". April (the shop lady) said that Tony's favorite place is in the one cooler where he can chew on some of the isn't set that cold to endanger him, but they find him in there and kick him out about once per day.

Plus the shop sells lots of great cat stuff as well...

We think every shop/office/bookstore/etc needs a cat!!!


  1. They sure look like happy kitties to be sure

  2. How cool to be a flower shop cat! :)

  3. I am SO grateful to know they all three have this home where they are needed and loved. xoxoxoxox

  4. I want that job! To be a flower shop cat!

  5. Wow, four adoptions! That's fantastic! And how terrific that their shop now has two store cats; we think that's pawsome!

  6. Hi Random Felines,

    We agree that all shops, etc should have a house cat!

    By the way, thanks for setting off a rousing discussion on Bocci's Beefs about Emmi (the dog that was shuttled to and fro. Please keep your comments coming!
    I'm off to add you to my blogroll :-)

    P.S. Thanks for working for shelters-we are very appreciative!

  7. I'd happily frequent a shop with a working cat.. sadly there aren't any around me (that I know of)

  8. Awwwwww a big big hooorah for gorgeous Sophia and Tony - such a nice story to end the working week!!! Yay!! Take care

  9. I know for sure that any shop that has a cat working there has my human's business!

  10. Our mom just LOVES this story! She thinks that store cats are awesome!! And 4 adoptions is even awesomer! I wanted to stop by and give you a huge THANK YOU for coming by and wishing me a happy gotcha day last weekend! You made my special day even specialer!!!

    Love, Zoe

  11. It's so nice to hear about cats finding such a good home.

    I use to go to a little quilting store that kept a cat. I think a cat adds a lot to a store. Makes the store seem homey and friendly.

  12. So great that they adopted Sophia to keep Tony company at the store. They flower shop cats clearly love their new job! Sweet about the adopted two kittens as well.Now that is a cat loving couple!! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  13. What a wonderful story!! It must be fun and relaxing to work at flower shop :-) I agree, every shop, office etc needs a cat!

  14. There's something special about having a cat around, I don't care where it is. It's just the sort of welcome tired human souls need sometimes! (even if all the cat is doing is sleeping, it tells you the owner is a special person)



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