Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a trip....

I am going to try to get more posted this week, but wanted to let everyone know that I made it home safe and sound (and have been getting the kitty love - Mo is sitting with me right now).

The trip to Utah from Las Vegas wasn't bad until the last 70 miles or so - then we drove into snow...blinding, can't see the lines on the road, snow. And of course the locals were sure we were driving too slow (in our little rented Toyota Corolla) so we were passed.... A LOT!! But we made it there. Sunday morning found more than 2" of the white stuff on the car:

Sunday afternoon we did some exploring and then went to Zion National Park to do some hiking. Of course I forgot my boots. DeLynn and Kelly headed up a trail and I took a picture and was going to head back to flatter (and less icy) ground. At that point, I turned, my foot slipped and next thing I know, I was staring at the sky. Don't panic - I am fine, though I was walking funny for a few days (old knee injury that did not approve of the slide).

Monday morning was orientation and Monday afternoon was over at Morgaine's in Cat World. We spent time socializing and then took Mokie and Cissy (2 yr old sisters) on an overnight. Yes - you read that right - you can take certain animals back to your hotel overnight!!!
DeLynn, Kelly and Mokie


Tuesday we walked dogs in the morning at the Gardens and then more cats in the afternoon at Casa de Calmar where the FeLV cats live. We didn't take an animal that night - once you do, you can't leave them alone in the room, so you are eating take out and we wanted to enjoy a night out. A lot of the restaurants in Kanab are pet friendly and you can eat on their patios with a dog, but it was too cold for that and a lot of them close in winter (next trip - APRIL).
Lillian and Batgirl (with DeLynn and I)


Wednesday was...PUPPY CLASS!!! We got to work with 5 puppies and about 12 people. What fun. Most of the puppies were wound up, but we got Monarch. He is a super sweet and mellow 3.5 month old male black lab (we had to make DeLynn take the "no more black labs" oath after class).  Then back to cats in the afternoon and we went to Kitty Motel were the FIV kitties live. DeLynn and I took a tour of the Bunny House which was very interesting as well. Wednesday night we took Courage on an overnight.



Thursday we helped clean in Cat World in the am for a change of pace. We were sent to Benton's House. They take a little longer to get moving in the am due to meds and other things, but we spent some time getting some love and then got down to cleaning. After lunch Kelly and DeLynn went back to dogs to do some walking (and find us an overnight friend) and I went back to Bentons to do some walking of my own with Bob. We took Mercy overnight and she was great. After we ate, we all relaxed on the beds in one room of the suite and watched some TV. Kelly and Mercy and I were on my bed and I jokingly said that I had $5 that Mercy spent the night with the one person on the trip that doesn't own a dog. Yep - Mercy spent the night with me. She was great - though a bit of a bed hog.  :)

Bob on a leash


Friday we took Mercy back to Dogtown and then had some breakfast, got packed and headed back to Las Vegas where we spent the night at the Rio. Kelly took us gambling and we also took a shuttle to the strip and spent a couple of hours looking around.

And guess who I found in Benton's - Hugo's (from House of Cats) cousin.... Mom was cleaning, saw him, backed up to look again and then burst out laughing. She didn't even have to pose him - he was sitting just like this:

Oh, and the surprise: Mom got to meet the ladies from Housecat Confidential and Katnip Lounge. Fin sent us some cat treats that mom promises to break out this afternoon.

So, all in all, a great time was had by everyone. And this explains why mom hasn't been commenting on your blogs lately. She is going to try to get some reading done today, but she has to get caught up at work starting tomorrow, so her online self may be spotty. Oh, and after 2 weeks back at work, she has....JURY DUTY! sigh.....


  1. Looks like you had a terrific time! Thanks for the great pics.

  2. It was so nice to meet you and Kelly and DeLynn! What a great vacation, to help kitties and puppies!

    Mom LOVES Zion.

  3. We had so much fun with y'all! Best friends sounds like a wonderful place.

    And thank you for the treats and toys! Sylvester LOVES the mousies.


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