Thursday, March 31, 2011

That didn't go as planned.....

Well, the v-e-t came over last night. Mom put Spud in the bathroom and he banged on the door to get out. However, Dr. Taylor and her tech found him in the cabinet drawer when they got in there. He was vaccinated and weighed and was apparently deemed "very adorable". Spud weighs in at 11.5 pounds.

Mom managed to get a half pill of Ivy's sedative in Junior. However, it didn't work quite as well as she had hoped. But, she managed to get him cornered in the 2nd bedroom and then carried him into the living room wrapped in a fleece blanket. It is the first time she has held him since last fall. We don't think he was overly fond of the whole idea. However, mom wanted him vaccinated and microchipped. They took him into the bathroom (to insure no escape route). No noise, so mom presumed it went well. However, she found a chip on the floor this morning. There is a vet clinic behind her office, so she asked them to scan it....yep - it was the chip that was supposed to be IN Junior. Mom left a message for the vet this morning, but she isn't sure how that is going to work. Junior spent most of the rest of the evening in the bathroom and most of the night in the yellow cube. Junior weighs about 11 pounds, and since he is just about 10 months old, mom is thinking he may be close to full grown.

Maestro got weighed and looks pretty good. Down about 1/2 pound since last fall, but since he had been losing weight pretty fast before that, mom and Dr Taylor seemed OK with his weight (about 8 pounds).

And then there was Mozart......
     The boy was just BAD!!! He can be so charming. He was loving on the tech and Dr. Taylor. Then
     they grabbed him and tried to vaccinated him and he had a FIT!!! He tried to bite the tech, the vet 
     and me! Considering he is normally my charming child, I was took several tries to
     get the second vaccine into him.

It wasn't that bad mom.
    She wrote the word CAUTION on your file you brat!!!!!



  1. We're proud of you all, especially Mozart--a vet killer in the making! Hahahaha!

    Our vet clinic won't come to anyone's house, even for an additional fee. We're impressed yours does!

    -Fuzzy Tales

    P.S. The mom says most of life doesn't go as planned. :-P

  2. Awwwww!!!Sweet Mozart!!! It says "caution - super gorgeous kitty!" :-)

    Well done everyone for being very brave!! Take care

  3. Uh Oh Mozart, that wasn't a good thing to do. Next time is going to be rough for you. Too bad they didn't get that microchip in. That is great that the vet will come to your house. Sounds like a busy evening. Take care.

  4. We can see there is never a dull moment at your house!!!!!!!!!!! You are all such gorgeous kitties.


  5. That sounds like quite an exciting time! Our vet says my Sister Gracie is a model patient and he wants her to give lessons on how to be good with your vet.

  6. MeWowZa...quite a commotion at your house when the vet comes! We put a little red boxing glove sticker on the files of bitey cats at the cat hospital where I work, hahameow

  7. I laughed at Teri's remark about the little red boxing glove!

    You two..good going! That'll show the evile V-E-T!!

  8. PS - the vet's office called and we have an appointment in a couple of weeks to try to get Junior re-microchipped. Paws crossed mom can catch him again....

  9. How did you get a vet to come to your home? they won't do that here. Sounds like it was quite an interesting time was had by all.

  10. You guys sure had all of the humans going! I HATE the vet (she is nice but I HATE her)but I never thought of biting or scratching for thought before next year's wellness checkup!

  11. When I had to take Weebs in to the vet, I was hoping against hope that she wouldn't be horrid. Thankfully, she went into shut-down mode, which made the visit pleasant for everyone :)

  12. Wow - you found the microchip on the floor. Junior, you are quite the ManKitten!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky


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