Thursday, March 17, 2011

what a mancat....

Who are those handsome mancats you ask??? Junior and Mozart were playing the other day and mom tried to get a picture to see if you could see how big Junior is getting. Mozart weighs about 8.5 pounds (more or less). Junior is now about 10 months old....and actually bigger than Mo. If things go well, the v-e-t is going to check him out on the 30th and update his vaccinations and microchip him.
Also, World Vets and other organizations and blogs are getting together today to give to those animals in Japan that need help. We have donated! Have you????


  1. Junior is getting big! :-)

    Yes, we've donated...We have Paws for Japan featured on our blog today and we have the chip-in on our sidebar!

    BTW, Sparkle is having a commentathon to raise money for World Vets, so if you haven't been to her site, please do go!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. You are big, handsome and eligible (I hope?)

  3. Admiral - both of the boys are eligible. Though Mo is all lovey and Junior is a wild teenager. :)

  4. Very handsome man cats, indeed!

  5. Very handsome boys, both. For a second, I did a double take. Thought I was looking at Finn!

  6. The babies grow so quickly! Both are very handsome boys. Yes, we have remembered our disaster-stricken brothers and sisters in Japan. Thanks for reminding folks.

  7. Mozart, is Junior stealing your food? Bronzy steals mine and so, even tho she is a girl, she is bigger than me and all my (lost) floof!



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