Monday, March 21, 2011


Mom has jury duty this week which means she isn't at work most of the time (and since that is where she checks our blog and yours, she may appear to be slacking off). However, it means she got home early today and the windows are OPEN!!! It is about 70 degrees here today and while it is overcast, at least it is warm.
Oh, and if you please could maybe send some purrs to our cousin Max. Seems the puppy mistook him for a stuffed toy and now he is limping a little. They don't think it is anything serious, but Max is a senior man at 14 yrs old. His mom says he is doing all the normal things, just limping and not putting much weight on that one foot.  We heard that Minnie got in trouble for it all, but since she is just a baby dog, we aren't sure how much good THAT will do.


  1. I will purr hard for him. Did Max's mommy have him looked at to be sure his little leg isn't broken or cracked?

  2. We'll purr for Max. Yeah, our mom would haul us off to the vet ASAP if that happened here! We hope Max is okay!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Cute toes!

    Count our purrs in for Max. We hope he is better soon.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  4. .. praying for cousin Max .. I hope he heals so very soon

    For all the folks reading this, (human ‘beans and kitties too) my blog has posts which are helpful for cat caretakers everywhere.

    All you be sure to stay well!


  5. Poor Max! Sending White Dog healing energy and hopes that he is all right. Thanks for not holding it against the pup, she will learn to respect others.

  6. Those are such nice toesies! Mega purrs for cousin Max too!

  7. You've got some awesome toes!
    We are definitely purring for Max!

  8. Any update om Max, please? Purring..

  9. Own! Toesday is perfect!!! Love this picture.
    Hugs from Brazil


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