Friday, March 25, 2011

We got mail....

So we were participating in a toy exchange with Cuddles and Catnip. And our package came yesterday!! Mom brought it upstairs and we were all snoopervising as she got out the scissors to cut it open. The package was HUGE and mom was surprised by how much was in there!!!


And, even better, since there were some great catnip toys in there, EVERYTHING smelled like the nip. Everyone went nuts while mom was trying to take pictures and get everything sorted out. We got fishing toys (mom hid those since we tend to be a little rough) and lots of mouseys and balls. And PING PONG BALLS!!! We love those....we have had them before but keep losing them.... Mom put up the nip toys but we think we saw a 'mato!! Mom said since Tommy is a mean drunk that we are only allowed to have those toys when she is home to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. But the cute paw blankets smelled like nip and Tim spent lots of time rolling on them. The cube was great - mom thinks Chiclet slept in it last night.

Oh, and there was gooshy food and treats that mom said we are going to party with this weekend. And a mouse on a strechy string that attaches to a doorknob that Junior is OBSESSED with!!!

And now for some pictures....


  1. You weren't kidding, look at that jackpot you hit! Have a fun weekend!!!

  2. Looks like the kitties hit the motherlode. Enjoy babies!

  3. ha ha ha!!! We like to squish our cubes too! Wow, Carly and Tia sent you a wonderful will be busy for weeks!

  4. How sweet that is to see. Kissies!

  5. Yay!!!! What a thoughtful and brilliant package of goodies!!!! Wonderful pics too of your beautiful kitties at play! Take care

  6. That looks better than Christmas! What kind and generous friends you have! No need to tell you to enjoy the weekend...

  7. What a haul! And a cube - neato! We are always losing ping pong balls too - our mom wonders how they can seemingly disappear from the house, mol! Have fun with the loot :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  8. Wow - that is a lot of loot! Have fun!


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