Monday, March 7, 2011

Junior Monday...

Junior was the guy I worried most about while I was on vacation. I was gone 5 days to Florida, back for 4 days and then left again for a week. My crew is used to it, but I was afraid this would be too much for my semi-feral boy. I am impressed by his progress....he will still run if I move too fast, but he recovers pretty quickly too. However, there is no picking up or scratching unless I am in bed. Saturday night he got up with everyone else and laid on top of me, but when I reached out to scratch his ears, he ducked and then jumped off the bed. I was a little heartbroken. However, a few hours later he was back and let me scritch him. He was jumpier than normal, but willing to give me a chance to re-earn his affections.

The entire crew has been pretty needy. Mo was "helping" me post yesterday (if having the 8 pound cat right in front of you is helping). When I finally sat down Saturday evening, what surprised me most was that Chiclet was the first up in my lap. awww.....


  1. It's good to read how well Junior is doing!

    We're sure everyone is glad their human is home. :-)

    -Nicki and Derry

  2. Next time you visit, work your magic on Scouty!

  3. I had a kitty like your Junior.. It bothered me greatly how skittish he was, so I started using rescue remedy on him, and it made a real difference. Now he's all up in our face wanting attention (granted it took some time.. but considering he was skittish for several years, there was an obvious change)

    I've used it since on feral kittens that don't turn around really quick, and I've found it very helpful.

    If you already knew this, forgive me..

  4. It is nice to be missed; enjoy being extra needed for the next few days! Junior sounds like he has made GREAT progress. Our puppy mill breeder rescue still is skitterish about being reached out to; sometimes she is ok with it but others she flinches and runs. Those times break my heart. Time and patience, that is my mantra. Welcome home!


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