Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....

Mom bought us one of those emery cat things hoping it will help with Ivy's nails. So far Ivy won't use it and the only one mom has seen on it at all is Tommy.

However, it came with this toy that attaches to the side. Mo got it loose in under 30 seconds and this was the results....


  1. At least the toy was useful...and fun! :-D

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Hello - nice to see all your gorgeous kitties playing! This is me and Charlie's first visit to you fab blog and we hope to get to know all your kitties soon!! Was that Mo eating on the toy? Lovely! Take care

  3. Oh, well - maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, at least the toy was a hit.

  4. This is why if you buy a scratching post, they will play in the box it came in! Who knows the way they think? Cute video!

  5. At least SOME part of the scratchie thing is getting used!


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