Monday, January 10, 2011

Mancat Monday....

This is Dr. Watson.  After picking him up Saturday night, I called my friend Kelly (who already has a special placed reserved for her in heaven).  She agreed to let me borrow her basement foster room.  We went over yesterday and got him set up and she is taking him to her vet this am.  His top coat seems OK, but I suspect they will have to shave off most of his undercarriage due to mats.  He does have his claws and is not neutered.  And, after seeing him, Kelly's neighbor Mary Pat said she may have a lead on a home for him.  :)

Update as of 11:30am EST: Dr Watson weighs about 9.5 pounds and was last seen lounging around the vet's office. They aer going to combo test him (FIV/FeLV) and shave off his mats for us today and Kelly will get him back this afternoon.

And now for the kitten news:
2 litters were dropped off at the county dog shelter.  I took the litter of 6.  4 boys, 2 names yet.  They MAY be big enough to spay/neuter already but they are jumpy!!  Gotta work on the social skills some.  I know the fuzzy one and the black one are boys.  From there it is light tabby, medium tabby and 2 darker tabbys.  I may have to resort to name bands again.


  1. That sure is a bunch going on and I sure hope Mr. Watson is okay, he is a handsome dude. Those little ones are cuties too though!

  2. Mr. Watson is a gorgeous boy! We hope his tests come back negative and he can be neutered soon. Purrs for a wonderful forever home for him!

    And six tabbies! That's a lot of tabby love! :-) Good luck with the socialization; we think they'll come around quickly enough!

  3. Dr. Watson is gonna clean up NICELY! What a handsome guy.

    Srsly, how do you line up kittens on a toilet tank lid!!??!!

  4. Katnip - I didn't line them up. Opened the door to work on socialization and there they were. I shut the door and ran for my camera. :)

  5. Hope the lead for the home works out.

    What cute kittens. :)

  6. Wow that is a lot of kitties that need homes! We hope they all find someone... especially since Mr. Watson, since we know tiny kittens have an easier time finding homes usually. We like the picture of the kitties sitting together with their alien eyes glowing! :)

  7. Oh Mr Watson is gorgeous. We will keep him in our purrs...and such adorable babies!

  8. We are purring hard your lead on a home for Dr Watson works out! The kittens sure are cuties!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. What a handsome guy Dr. Watson is!! We hope he checks out okay and that he can find a furever home!

    And those kitties are so cute!!!

  10. Dr. Watson is very handsome and will be gorgeous once cleaned up...we hope the lead turns out to be his forever home! Paws crossed for the foster litter as well...they are adorable...we hope they are healthy and find special families of their own quickly.


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