Thursday, January 6, 2011

adorable adoptable!!

Meet Bogart....

Bogart is an adoptable kitty from Colony Cats.  He is about 7-8 months old and a VERY sweet boy.  He lives (off and on) at a local Complete Petmart.  I got to meet him in December when we were doing Santa pictures.  He and his buddy Max are generally up to no good - but what can you expect from a pair of teenagers???  He has even learned to fetch - they throw a cat toy down the aisle and he will run after it and bring it back.  He has cat tested all the cat furniture, and as you can see here, the dog beds as well.  :)  I have jokingly told his foster mom that I am going to change his name to "no no bad kitty" since he is so mischievious.  But altogether a sweet boy!!!

Cross your paws he finds a home soon.  A man who works near the store is in love with him, but has yet to convince his fiance.


  1. WE have no doubt that as cute as Bogart is he will have a forever home very soon.


  2. Aw what a cute kitty! The pink nose and ears make him irresistable!

  3. Bogart is cute and we can tell he is very impish! We hope that nice man can convince his fiancee to adopt this delightful fellow! We are hoping his perfect forever home will soon give him security, pampering and love.


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