Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adoption update....

Normally we are not around on the weekends.  Our internet connection at home is OK, but mom's brother told her to load AVG onto her computer to stop viruses and now it runs REALLY SLOW!!!  Just gets her frustrated, so we normally get her to post from work.

However, she got a text yesterday from Utah's new family.  Fun story - when they were doing the paperwork, the kids were checking out the adoption center and their mom was holding Utah.  Mom leaned over and said "ok tiny, you be good".  The lady asked what mom had said.  Mom said, her name is Utah, but due to her size, I have jokeingly been calling her tiny.  The lady looked amazed and called her son over (Utah was to be HIS cat).  She asked him what he wanted to name the kitten and he replied.... "Tiny!"  Talk about fate.  Anyhow, she sent me a picture of Utah and Silas (her new boy) sleeping together with this note: He loves her and she loves to snuggle with him all the time so thank you for his new best friend

Say it with me people: awwwwww

Mom also took a picture on her phone of Carolina and her new brother Tempe. Her camera phone isn't great, but their new mom promised to send pictures, so we will post those when we get them.

The chickens have been out a couple of times.  Yes, Malay has a nice set of pipes on her.  Even this morning, she was wandering around yowling.  Fortunately, she does mostly stop when mom picks her up.  Java and one other kitten (they so need name bands) have come out a little bit, but the other 3 stick pretty close to the bathroom.  It doesn't help that Tommy and Spud hiss and growl at them (this is pretty standard for the first couple of days).  And of course the kittens do their best halloween cat impressions!!

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