Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not so easy Sunday.....

For those who asked about our Spartan connection, mom didn't attend there, but our grandpa did (class of 1969).  Mom graduated from Grove City College in Grove City PA.  However, she likes to tell people that since she went to a Division III school, she gets to pick who she roots for and she has the MSU ties!!  Let's just hope they can beat Indiana today.

Mom got a text yesterday that someone had expressed some interest in Chiclet (who is currently being used as a pillow by Maestro).  They were sent an application and we haven't heard back yet, but our paws are crossed.  Mom took this picture on her phone, which leaves much to be desired sometimes.

And, in other news, Watson/Hercules got ADOPTED!!!  A lady saw him at Petsmart and fell in love and picked him up the other day.  We are very excited for him.

Holland seems to be putting on a little weight, but Sultan is still pretty bony.  Mom is trying panacur on the entire bunch hoping that might help.  He is eating like a fiend though (mom has to run out today to get more canned food).  Both of them are pretty possessive....which mom thinks is kind of funny.  :)  We will keep you posted....


  1. Thats great that Watson got adopted! It sounds like kitties are being adopted left and right over there! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yea for Watson's adoption! Another forever home found :)

  3. Great news about Watson/Hercules! And our paws are crossed for Chiclet! Keep up the great work ... we are glad Holland and Sunltan are in such wonderful hands. :)

  4. Concatulations to Watson! We're sending purrs for Chiclet.


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