Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday....

I am just thankful that it IS Thursday.  I was sure yesterday was (and in fact had to go back and edit the Wedneday post to change the header...LOL). 

Watson is doing well.  Neutered today.  But they changed his name to Hercules (boo!!!).  I will keep everyone posted.

The chickens/kittens are doing well.  LOL  Java is pretty brave and Malay is chatty - everytime I go in there she has something to say about everything.  There are a couple that keep trying to make it break for it out the bathroom door, so I will have to try them out and about this weekend.

They were partying last night - I got up and when I went in there to feed them and get ready for work I discovered they had SHATTERED a pair of cheap glass dishes that I was using for canned food.  No one was injured in the process, but the kittens got locked in the shower stall (it has a door) until I could get the glass cleaned up.  Not the best way to start the morning.

My dad had shoulder surgery this morning and mom called to say he was out and it went well.  Not as bad as they feared, so hopefully that will go well for his recovery.  They should be home by now, so since mom hasn't called, I am guessing she got him in the house ok.

Oh - and Maine was adopted last night.  Carolina has an application on her (I got to meet them last night - nice young couple looking at her and another kitten to take as a pair - they have a 9 yr old golden retreiver at home).  Cross your paws for a positive outcome!!


  1. Wow, there's lots happening! Purrs for your dad's recovery and for the adoptions and post-neutering recovery...and anything else we're overlooking. LOL.

  2. Hooray for adoptions and I'm happy Dr. Watson is doing well!!!

  3. Sounds like its busy at your house! We are happy about the ones who are getting adopted. Tell the kitties to settle down at night and quit breaking stuff! They are party animals!

  4. It's too bad the couple looking for a pair of kittens couldn't take Maine and Carolina! Do you know anything about Maine's new family?

    I also like the name Dr. Watson.

  5. My have a very busy house over there! Yay for adoptions! Hugs to sweet Watson :)

  6. Woooohoooooooo you have a very buzy household.
    We are purrin for your Dad!


  7. Wow, lots of news, and most of it good. Lots to be thankful for this Thursday!

  8. A thankful Thursday indeed. Paws crossed!

  9. Hooray for Maine (and hopefully Carolina) finding forever homes!

    Dr. Watson, I guess will learn to love his new moniker, but we liked DW better.

    Kitties seem to be saying OK already lets see the rest of the house! Soon you won't be able to hold them back...they all sound so cute!

    Gentle healing woofs to your dad and hopes that his recovery is complete and quick.

  10. We had one group of fosters last year that managed to break two ceramic bowls in two days. After that, I switched to using metal dishes for the fosters!

    Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos


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