Thursday, January 20, 2011


So mom remembered to grab the camera yesterday.  First is the mad dash out the bathroom door in the morning.  Then Java found the fuzzy spider toy we got for Christmas and was killing it as mom was getting ready for work.  Then dinner with the chickens....turn up the volume - they are rowdy!!


  1. Mama says she misses the sounds of kittens! So sweet! We liked the last one best, when they were shouting for their food. "FEEEEEEEED UUUUUUUSSSSS!" ROFL!

  2. Gosh I miss having kittens around. The "kitten korus" is just adorable. And kitten version of "thundering herd of elephants" is priceless.
    *Sigh* If only hubby were able to deal with fosters better (as in able to stand the thought of giving them back to the shelter), I could have some...

  3. Those are just way too much fun...not to mention adorable!

  4. Haha!! Who knew such little things could make so much noise!!!

  5. We love everyone pouring through the door and the spidey play AND the feed me chorus...oh, heck, we think those are pretty adorable kitties in everything they do.

  6. The chickens are soooo cute! We have two separate baby gates set up outside our kitten room - we call it the DMZ - De-Militarized Zone for the same reason! We love the chorus of hungry kittens in the last video!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky


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