Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Friday....

Thought we would do a Junior update today.  Mom really wishes he would be less skittish.  She has read that you can sit and read and eventually the quiet will make the cat curious and you can work from there.  The problem is that he is out in the condo and not in one room with limited space.  Mom has tried sitting on the floor and slowly moving closer, but if she gets within about 5 feet, he is gone.

Now, his normal routine is to wait until the lights are off and then he will jump up on the bed for some scritches...he seems to like them the best right between the ears. 

But last night he tried something new.  Mom was laying in bed reading a book when he jumped up to look around.  She saw him out of the corner of one eye and ignored him.  He came up and stood on her and looked at her over the book.  She glanced up and said "hi junior" and went back to reading.  He actually stuck around for a few minutes - until Maestro hacked up in the other room and mom got up to clean.  But mom said it is progress and she is willing to take it.

While the boy is still listed on Petfinder, she is coming to terms with the fact that he may be staying.  It is tough to place the average cat no less the semi-feral ones.  Besides, if someone really wanted him, she would have to figure out how to catch him and get him in a PTU to take him somewhere....and might need a blood transfusion after that event.  :)

So, keep thinking about us and the Junior man.  He is getting bigger and has at least stopped stalking Mozart (for which Mo is eternally grateful).  Mom said she has to have the camera on hand one night when she feeds us dinner to get Junior's whine on tape.


  1. Ah, looks like Junior might have his forever home, then. Yes, it takes very patient and/or knowledgeable (about cats) humans to take on a semi-feral. You need to just let them be and not try to make them into something they're not, which we suspect a lot of people might be inclined to do.

    One of mom's coworkers adopted a semi-feral (she had fostered her and her one kitten, then ended up adopting the mom). She was warned by shelter staff that Rose never would make a housecat. Not so at all, though she can't be picked up. But after almost two years, she snuggled up on the coworker's outstretched legs over the holidays--there are pics to prove it. LOL. She's always had the sweetest, gentlest disposition, though, and has seemed SO happy to have such a good home!

  2. Oh we think Junior will come around soon. Sounds like he wants to be friends!

    We know about semi-feral cats not being easily adoptable. That's how we ended up (and we don't really mean that in a bad way, although Wally would disagree) with Zoey. With her skittish personality, we knew that it would not be easy to adopt her out. After almost 3 years, she is still skittish and will hiss and run from people. We just wish she would get along with Wally and not want to attack him. Then life would be really good.


  3. I think he will do fine. You are on the right track too, he just needs a feeling of security and that just takes a while sometimes!

  4. Aw, we are happy that Junior is at least starting to be curious about people and enjoy being petted! Even if he hides forever, we know your house is Paradise to him, where he is warm, and fed, and loved, and safe!

  5. You watch and Junior will surprise you.

  6. It sounds like you are doing all the right things, and that Junior is getting better. Thank you for your patience and love!

    We wanted to thank you for reading and commenting Thursday about Sancha. We have some great news to share (hint: it's about Sancha) ... stop by and read our newest post if you have a chance. :)

    Have a great weekend!


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