Monday, January 3, 2011

Mozart Monday...

Mom is off to work, so I have taken it upon myself to do the weekend update.

Carolina and Maine are now living at the adoption center as they wait for their new homes.  Mom dropped them off Saturday morning and they joined the rest of the kittens in the kitten room once the room had been cleaned.  Mom stopped to see them in the afternoon, and said those girls WERE NOT HAPPY!  Both were under the bench that hides the litter boxes and were growling at everyone - including mom.  She was pretty sad that they were so upset, but left them there since she knows that is the best place for them to find their forever homes.  She did stop to see them yesterday again and while they were still a little snippy with the other kittens (the girls are the youngest and smallest), they were coming out and the rescue lady said she had seen them playing that morning.

We gots a package from Angie and the kitties at catladyland.  Mom said we have plenty of treats of our own, so these are going to the shelter with mom tomorrow.  But we are sending BIG THANKS for the treats that we won.

Let's see....Mom went to see her college roommate and her family on Friday.  She got some Christmas presents, including treats for us.  There was salmon flavored, tuna flavored, dairy flavored (Tommy can't wait for these) and kitten flavor.  We can't figure out what kitten flavor means, but upon rereading the package, apparently kittens taste like chicken.

What mom???  Oh, my says that the chicken treats are FOR kittens.  Geez....

Mom finally broke out the new toys from grandma.  We were pretty excited - for about five minutes and then we all fell over for our afternoon naps.

Junior & Mo check out the kicker

Maesto isn't sure what to do with it

Tim has figured it out


Chiclet has chosen to ignore the games in favor of stealing the warms from the floor thingie


  1. You've all been very busy!

    Lots of purrs to Caroline and Maine, that they fine wonderful forever homes.

    And a very happy new year to you all!

  2. We are purring for all the foster kitties.

    Now we understand why Johnny liked to wash the twins all the time when they were tots...they were chicken-flavored...MOL!!!

    Oh, we crack us up, hahahahaha!!

  3. I'm sure that the kitties will be adopted soon. Such lovely pictures! And I see that someone else likes Harry Dresden as well...

  4. You look like you're having so much fun playing! We hope the kittens find homes soon. Will you tell us about it when they do?

  5. Sending lots of positive energy that the foster kitties find forever homes that will keep them safe and pamper them and love them like crazy! You are so wonderful to share your treats with kitties who don't have any.

  6. Hello! Cannot believe I am only discovering your blog now! I foster too - haven't in a bit as my kitties and permanent foster :) haven't been so well.
    look forward to reading about the critters in your life!

  7. It's so hard when you have to drop them off. We've nearly walked straight back out with them many times! I'm sure they'll settle well :)


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