Thursday, January 27, 2011

warm and fuzzy moment....

I got a text yesterday from Bug's mom and I wanted to share.  As a little background, when she adopted Bug I told her there was no official adoption fee since Bug was my kitten and didn't belong to a rescue group.  However, I had covered most of her medical/other expenses and if she wanted to cover part of that, I would appreciate it.  Jane wrote me a check and I didn't even look at it, just folded it and put it in my back pocket.  Now, those couple of weeks were nuts and by Monday afternoon, I was wondering where the check was.  And then it dawned on me....I had run it through the wash.  I checked that night and the check was fused in half with another receipt I had shoved in my pocket.  I emailed Jane to let her know the check wasn't ever going to clear the bank and didn't think anything about it.  And then I got a text from her yesterday:

"Just wanted to let you know...I finally sent a replacement check.  We would also like to continue sending checks each month to help pay off all of Bugs medical bills so you can keep on saving kittens like Bug. We love her so much."

Say it with me: awwwww

I don't do this for any pay back (though I will pay it forward with their money and use it with other kittens).  For me, it is all about seeing my kittens find wonderful forever homes.  And I know Bug has a winner here.  Hard to believe she is already 5 months old.  I will post new pictures as I get them, but I had to share this text from her family.


  1. What a wonderful gesture on the part of Bug's mom!

    And such an adorable baby pic too. :-)

  2. I was just thinking about Bug and wondering if you got an update. Has she become friends with the other cat in the house? You really found an exceptional home for Bug.

  3. That is so nice of Bug's new family! Bug is a lucky kitty huh!

  4. That is a wonderful special thing and it just shows how special Bug's Mom is.


  5. What a nice thing for Bug's mom to do! Bug sure did find a good home!!

  6. What a wonderful thing! Bug's humans understand how important paying it forward to help another is...and we all know you will put the $$ to great use in helping kitties.

  7. Awww, it is so heart-warming when the fosters who are particularly close to our hearts get the best homes. Congrats on taking such good care of Bug!!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky


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