Tuesday, January 18, 2011

testy tuesday....

Took the kittens in this am for their FIV/FeLV test.  Apparently they are a new breed: bloodless kittens.  :)  Took a couple of tries on more than one kitten.  But we got them and should have the results tomorrow.

Phoenix and Java are scheduled to be neutered on Friday.  Then back to the adoption center.  Apparently the kittens are being adopted pretty quick. 

This group doesn't seem to be eating much (which probably didn't help with the test this am).  So I stopped and got some canned kitten food.  And like a bunch of vultures, they attacked me as soon as the can was opened.  Phoenix was growling like a madman when I tried to move him.  Bet they weigh more now....

And for my favorite pic of the weekend - I caught Spud and Mo sleeping together.  Spud is actually getting friendlier....still jumpy but he has gotten up on my lap a couple of times (of course he was stalking Tim at the time, but that isn't the point).


  1. Paws crossed for the blood test results! And for wonderful forever homes for them too, of course!

  2. Glad everyone enjoyed their food :-) Good luck on the blood tests, I hope they are all negative! What a cute picture of the snugglers :-)

  3. We know these cuties will find forever homes quickly but are still sending positive energy. There is nothing like stinky wet cat food...even us pups get interested! Hope everyone has great test results!

  4. Well, we understand those kitties going crazy over stinky goodness!! It's so good!!!

    Hope the test results are good!!

  5. haha! Bloodless kittens! Perhaps they specialize in drawing blood and not donating it...

    My crowd LOVES their canned food...and it's so much better for them, too.

  6. Nobody can resist wet cat food! Our Mama doesn't buy it for Sammy-Joe much because it makes his poops smell terrible. But he gets it for a special treat sometimes! He likes it as much as tuna!


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