Tuesday, July 21, 2015

going going gone

9am edit: no neuter today. He still has a baby cold....brat - he cleared up over the weekend but apparently heard about the appointment and decided to mess with mom.

Over the weekend, mom spent some quality time in her favorite chair reading a book (or two). London came up looking for attention and eventually wedged himself in the corner of the chair. For reference, the top of the picture is the arm of the chair and the gray is mom's hip. Be sure to check out those orangey bunny feet. It has been interesting to watch his colors change. His tail is definitely orange. His ears are faintly orange along with all four feet. But there really isn't any color on his face. His eyes are still siamese blue but heaven help us, he CAN hear. And has the siamese voice to go with it. MOL

London is being neutered today.....tomorrow he heads up to the adoption center. We doubt he will be there very long. He started out kind of shy with us but has turned into a sweet lovey boy. While we know that his looks will attract someone first, whoever adopts him will get a very sweet (mouthy - did we mention that?) kitten.

not sleepy

ok maybe

fighting it

and he's out


  1. OMC, those "bunny" feet! They make our human feel faint, they're so adorable. She WANTS to smooch them!!!

    Paws crossed that all goes smoothly with London's snipping, and that he finds a wonderful, true forever home.

  2. Mum is so excited at seeing London's tiny pink paw pads - we hope he will get a loving furever home and a loving family.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. A sweet-looking kitten, that London is! Hope he finds his furrever home ASAP!

  4. Oh, he's so adorable!!! We love those bunny feet - and we can see the orange in him! Sure hope he can kick that cold to the curb. Maybe he just wants to stay there! :)

  5. He is just so cute. What a great color he is turning into. Sure hope he gets over that cold really soon.

  6. He is so adorable! Once he gets well and gets fixed, I'm sure he'll find a home in no time!

  7. dood.....we wood try everee trix in de book ta stay a way frum de place oh eeeeeeeeevil two....spesh a lee coz yur......well......sum parts will come up ....missin when ya leeve ther....hope ya get ta feelin way better reel soon ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. We is sending our purrs for little London. Get better soon!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. He has such cute little apricot-colored feet! The next family in the door at the adoption center is bound to fall in love with him at first sight!

  10. I think my momma are in luv wif him.

  11. Aw, we think you're right...someone is gonna snatch London right up.

  12. So cute, I want to kiss your toesies.


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