Friday, July 10, 2015

National Kitten Day

Well there is a holiday we can celebrate!!!

But did you know that kittens - especially tiny kittens - are the most often killed in shelters? 

If Daiquiri had not been found by rescue where mom volunteers, she wouldn't have had a chance. She was 2 weeks old and in need of round the clock care (we were lucky that Cass was willing to take another surrogate kitten).

Most shelters won't take kittens that don't have a mom or aren't eating on their own. There just aren't the resources to foster and support tiny kittens. Beyond that, these tiny kittens are sensitive to just about everything they are exposed too - and too young to be vaccinated. They have to be kept warm and fed about every two hours until they start eating on their own.

Best Friends Animal Society is trying to change that. They have an agreement with the City of Los Angeles to help with rescue. According to their numbers, 61% of animals killed in LA in 2014 were kittens. To make a change, they are trying to add more space to their current kitten nursery, but they need some help. Their new campaign and fundraiser is to #SaveTheKittens and you can help them here. Best Friends estimates that the additional space could save more than 4,400 tiny lives.

OK - we know what you are don't live in LA, so what does this have to do with you? Just think...if LA can get to a point where they can save these lives, isn't that an example for the rest of the country?? Heaven knows it isn't cheap to set a safe space set up with all the things kittens need - food, shelter, toys and love. But thank goodness for lots of volunteers ...and don't get us started on clean up and laundry. MOL

Best Friends in Utah located in Salt Lake City is already making strides. They have a nursery and take these tiny kittens from other shelters. According to their webpage, in 2014, the nursery saved 1,372 kittens. Pretty amazing right??

In the LA nursery, there are generally about 150 kitten in residence at a time. Mom thinks the cute could be deadly...

**We were asked to participate in this campaign by Best Friends. We were not compensated, but even if we were, we only talk about stuff we believe in and can stand up for. And hey...kittens!!


  1. This is great! We are going to donate to help. It would be great if Best Friends could spread this program all over.

    1. we know they will appreciate the donation....and one step at a time and we will get there :)

  2. This is great! We are going to donate to help. It would be great if Best Friends could spread this program all over.

  3. Totally agree that Best Friends is at the vanguard of animal rescue in this country, and maybe even the world! I am fascinated by their confidence to 'Save Them All'. Volunteering in Utah is on my do-to list. Thanks for this post!

  4. Such lovely little lives.. may they all find wonderful homes. But first, they have live long enough to grow up.

  5. I'm so glad that Best Friends is taking these important steps to show other shelters that saving tiny kittens can be done! It is so sad that so many little babies lose their lives. I hope they get all the money they need to add space to the kitten nursery!

  6. Happy National Kitten Day! Thanks for the good information. Every chance we get, we try talking people into fostering kittens because the need is so great and so is the reward.

  7. People don't realize the intensive care that very young kittens require - and that's why they are so at risk when they come to city and county ACCs. The more we can do to help them, the better!

  8. we love best friends N haz supported them for yeerz...we hope they raiz de fundz kneaded & then sum ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  9. Sounds like a great program - we know fostering kittens can be very tuff work.

  10. Kittens! Yeah! I hope they raise what they need and more! And I hope the rest of the country takes note!

  11. We love this campaign - Best Friends Animal Society is so great! But, as you know, despite how cute kittens are, they really require so much care. And then they grow up and it is even harder to find them homes... Sigh... spay/neuter people, spay/neuter.

  12. Yippy for kitten day!
    Have a great weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  13. Happy Kitten Day!

    I had no idea that kittens are often the first to be killed - I always thought it would be the older, less adoptable animals. I'm thankful that Daiquiri wasn't one of them!

  14. Angels volunteer at that shelter. Such a touching video.


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