Monday, July 27, 2015

lazy weekend

The spice kittens are doing better, but still kind of messy. They did get a bath on Friday afternoon.... mom says thank heaven for shower doors. They weren't very happy about it, but they are certainly cleaner. However, since they still have the runs, they aren't allowed out yet. But they are friendly and getting attention from mom.

mistress of the stink eye (Topeka)

no, we don't get it either

Nashville, London and Topeka

when mom left the door to the play pen, Daiquiri would
sleep in there....
This isn't a great picture, but she is upside down...and quite comfy.

still more kittens in the basket

Mom has had that basket for years. It was the cat toy basket for a while but mom didn't like the size - it has a handle and big stiff bow on it. Mom moved our toys to a smaller basket that fits in some shelves. But she didn't want to just throw out the basket. So she cut off the handle, put a blanket in the basket, put it under an end table.....and it is a very popular sleeping spot.


  1. I agree with Careen, that is so cute all those kittens in the basket. Glad they are doing better. All you kitties and Jeanne, have a great da

  2. We love how the tiny kittens snuggle in their basket.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  4. Oh yeah...we would so lay in that basket, too.

  5. Have a delicious week and a wonderful Monday!

  6. All the kittens are adorable! A basket seems like the perfect spot for kitties to snooze. :)

  7. Thank goodness for shower doors indeed! That basket looks very inviting.

  8. There would be smacky paws here for that basket... and I doubt the one doing the smacky paws would even be able to fit in it!

  9. Hope those sweet kittens get in tip-top shape soon!

  10. Cutie pies! Thanks for Monday smiles.

    P.s Rosie is hosting her very first giveaway for kitties this week. Hope you will stop by

  11. That basket looks like a very comfy sleeping spot. Though Daiquiri wins for comfy spots, apparently!

  12. That basket looks like a great snoozin spot!

  13. Gee whiz, is Topeka cute!!!!!


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