Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Fridays.....

Kitten watch 2014 continues.....

We wanted to alert you to another tragedy, unfortunately. Ark Animal Shelter in Houlton Maine suffered a devistating fire. They had 16 cats cross the Bridge.  One of the online transport groups has set up a fundraiser account on their behalf. Imagine Home was transporting a cat to Ark on the day of the fire. Bliss was in the air when they got the call. Luckily HART of Maine was able to step up to take Bliss. But Imagine Home wanted to help in some small way.

Mom has said before, of all the things, fire scares her the most. Our hearts are broken for everyone involved with Ark.

Mom has a transport Saturday morning. And then.....more basketball. Oh well, despite the yelling at the tv, at least she stays in one place for a while.

Have a safe weekend. Rumor has it we are back to spring-like weather (for now....we do live in the midwest).


  1. How awful for those kitties and rescuers of Ark Animal Shelter! My human and I are so sad now that we've read about it. :-(

  2. We'll believe that 'spring like weather' rumor.. in June! ha!

  3. We are so sorry to hear about this bad fire at the Ark Animal Shelter.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Very sad to hear about Ark. God bless those folks as they come to terms with this loss and hopefully they find a way to honor those cats by being able to find the strength to move forward to help animals again.

  5. That breaks my moms heart in two. We are both so so sorry.

  6. How awful,not only for the cats who lost their lives, but those who care for them must be devastated.

    Good luck with the transfer (and the basketball)

  7. There have been so many shelter fires in the past year, but this one of the worst. I'll share and get the word out for help.

  8. God's speed to all the cats who lost their life...His strength to the community; I know the people there are devastated.... xxxxx

    N tim N crew; heerz two a wild whitefish N walleye week oh end !

  9. That is terrible about that fire. Those poor people that lost all those cats. So sad.

  10. We are so heartbroken for this shelter stff and about all of the kitties. Layla is right, there have been an alarming number of shelter fires this year. We're glad to hear that the generous folks at HART of Maine was able to step in and take the kitty who was en route.

  11. That is heartbreaking news...
    we are sad...


  12. oh we are devastated to hear this....


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