Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend update....

Well, no great adoptions this weekend....  Had a few people look at the kittens, but no takers.  So, we are taking a couple of weeks off and will be back on the adoption circuit in January.  They are up on Petfinder, so maybe that will help too.  And Anna and Italy are still at CHA.  :(

Mom took some pictures of us lazing around on Sunday, but then the batteries died in the camera and she discovered she only has 1 battery in the fridge and the camera takes 4.  oops....  Maybe tomorrow....

In the meantime, the shopping is done.  She got the last presents on Saturday for our feline cousins Max and Boots.

Hope you are staying is still pretty cold here!

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  1. That box is the purrfect size for a kitty...enjoy that nap.


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