Friday, December 24, 2010

Meowy Catmas

This is our Christmas cactus that we got from our friend Stephanie the Christmas before she died from cancer.  It seems to be the only plant mom is able to keep alive - maybe it is a sign.  :)  Of course, it helps that she keeps it on the top shelf so no one can nom on it.

We hope you all have a very Meowy Catmas and Santa Claws finds you with your presents (and no coal in your stockings).


  1. Merry Christmas to you, too! No coal here, we are all Good Cats...hee hee!

    Love, the Katnip Lounge Kitties xxoo

  2. We all have blessings, each and every of ours is blogging and visiting with you...May your Christmas be Merry and your New Year bright!

  3. That is a beautiful Christmas cactus - and we do think it is a sign that is the only plant she can keep alive - we think it is a sign that her friend is watching over her. We hope you all had a very wonderful Merry Christmas!!

  4. Hope you had a very Meowy Christmas! That Christmas Cactus is beautiful...I've always wanted one. And yes, I do think it's a sign :)


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