Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last kitten having surgery today...

Utah was dropped off at the clinic this morning.  I am pretty sure of their ages (I think born right around Memorial Day) but laugh when the clinic changes their ages to younger and don't give them a rabies vaccine.  Can't blame them...the whole crew was tiny.  The tech this morning looked in her carrier and we got an "awwww".  :)

Another adoption event this weekend.  Please cross your fingers - I would love the girls to have homes by Christmas!!  Plus this is a fundraiser for the rescue that saved them, so lots of Santa pictures would be great too.

For those who commented about Ivy forgiving me, she is actually pretty good - within a few hours, she decides she likes me again.  I am lucky she doesn't hold a grudge as that would be worse.  Still not sure what the answer is for the girl - I hate drugging her every 4-6 weeks just to cut her nails.  But they were bad - she was sticking to the carpet and DeLynn said a couple were pretty curved.  She uses the scratching pad, but that won't keep them short.  All ideas are welcome.....


  1. I'm sending purrs to sweet Utah and I hope all goes well.

  2. Hugs to Utah! Good luck at the event this weekend :)

  3. We hope everything went well for Utah!


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