Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Junior update

I don't honestly know what I am going to do with the boy.  With so many adoptable cats out there, I have my doubts that the right family is going to come along.  I had a friend over last night and he eventually came out and was playing with a toy mouse nearby.  So, in that respect, he is better than Spud - who never comes out at all.  Junior was in the window this morning looking out as I was leaving for work.  It is about 20 degrees here - though he doesn't know that being inside.  I wonder what he thinks though....

In the meantime, he certainly seems to be enjoying blocking the heating vents!

In other news, my Dad ROCKS!!!  He spent part of the summer doing work in my condo.  And then he built me a coffee table.  He gets the woodworking skills from his father, who has passed away several years ago.  He made my niece's cradle when she was born and has since built her a cabinet for her art supplies.


  1. Junior just needs the right family to bring out his comfy...orange tabby cats have great purrsonalities, he is just waiting for the right opportunity. Love the coffee table!

  2. Poor Junior it is hard when a cat is shy. He needs a special person to see past the shyness and be patient and loving so Junior can blossom. I sure hope that person comes along soon!!

    Wow, your dad did a lovely job :-)

  3. What a wonderful coffee table!! That's such a wonderful asset.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog


    I know you will learn allot and do well with TNR. And you would be surprised how some cats can come around after awhile, like Junior. Thanks for working for the cats!

  4. Your dad made that?! WOW! What a beautiful piece of furniture.

  5. Oh Junior is such a beautiful guy - he just needs to find the right family who is ok with that. I grew up with 2 shy cats (if people were over you wouldn't know we even had cats - and they weren't big fans of me but honestly I don't blame them because I did try to put doll clothes on them when I was little) and my aunt's 2 cats are kind of the same way (though when I catsit them the love me, but only me!) But oh his face, it just melts my heart - if it weren't for my other 6 I sure wouldn't mind a shy cat like him (but the other 6 would really object!)

    And oh that is so cool that you have things like that your dad made for you. I have a couple things my dad made and also that my grandfather made, and I know I cherish them so much. You are lucky your dad is still around, but I can tell you it makes me even happier to have the things my dad made now that he is gone. And it is extra cool that your dad has a lot of talent too!


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