Friday, December 10, 2010

Junior's doppelganger....

When I go to the shelter to volunteer, I normally walk through the rooms and see who is still there and touch noses and say hi to everyone before getting to work.

Last Tuesday, I walked into the front room and saw a kitten that made me stop and look a second time.  Holy smoke - he looks JUST LIKE Junior....



I was so stunned I took a picture and sent it to my friend Kelly.  Justin is a little younger and smaller.  I think he is the version of Junior I would have gotten had I caught him a little sooner.  Justin is outgoing, friendly and purrs as soon as you pick him up.  Junior couldn't care if I was in the house except to open the container with the food in it and he won't let me pick him up at all.  Still love the littel booger, but it is odd to think about what could have been.....


  1. You can still make progress with Junior. Pam Johnson-Bennett discussed in one of her books adopting a feral cat who would hide whenever she came in the room (the cat was an adult when adopted) and gradually came to be loving and friendly and sleeping in her bed and requesting play sessions. Pam is big on regular interactive play, for instance with a fishing pole type toy, to help develop a bond with a less social cat.

  2. I agree with Cynthia, purrsistence is the key!

  3. He LOVES the laser pointer and we play with that. And he will come over for treats - just NO picking him up. I have discovered him sleeping on me at night more than there is hope. And I love him either way. :)

  4. They DO look alike!
    Our Scouty is almost feral. He loves us, loves our treats and sleeps with us, but ABSOLUTELY no touching! In fact, don't get close unless you have food in your hand. We love him anyway, he's a little clown in an Orange fur suit. And it's fun to try to sneak up on him and get a pet or two in...he gets SO indignant!

  5. How funny -- they do look a lot alike! I always think it's so interesting how drastically different cats' personalities can be. I often wonder if personalities can change... One thing is for sure -- love touches everyone, no matter what their personality! Junior feels it, for sure :)

  6. Both Justin AND Junior are beauties!!!


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