Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catmas presents....

Grandma came yesterday and left our Catmas the bedroom behind the closed door where we can't get to them!!!

We can't wait to use the kicker - but Mom says Tommy is a "mean drunk" when he is on the nip, so she wants to be home to supervise when we first get to use the kicker and spider...The snowman is a purse.  :)

Grandma also left our present to mom.  It is a mug that says "cat lover" with hot chocolate and hand lotion and some CAT TOYS!!  Mom said it was amazing that we managed to get grandma to buy a present that got gifts for us too.  We just call that planning ahead.
Ivy got her nails done last night again.  Miss DeLynn came over to help mom after they met up at the shelter to do some manicures over there.  Mom gave Ivy 1/2 of the ace pill and it didn't work as well as the whole pill.  She was still pretty crabby.  Chiclet had to be locked in the bathroom cause her "mommy" insticts kick in and she wants to protect Ivy.  Mom is still not sure what to do about Ivy.  Ivy was screaching and she pooped on the floor and this time she even peed on mom.  It is stressfull on everyone and poor Junior was ever more jumpy after they were done.
And now, for fun, mom was playing with the camera last night and got some video of Utah, the tiny cat.  She is finally over 2 pounds, so mom has a note on her phone to call the clinic to get Utah spayed.

The video quality isn't great - and if you turn up the volume, you can hear Mike Rowe in the background cause Mom was watching "Dirty Jobs" last night while we were playing.


  1. poor Ivy, she gets stressed at things like Miles does - he pees on the mom everytime she has to take him out the door for anything! and he gets very nervous if she's home and he cannot see her.

  2. I sure hope Ivy can get destressed soon! Hey, presents are a good thing though

  3. When I first looked at the video, I thought that Utah seemed large. Then when Chiclet appeared, I realized Utah seemed large because of the close-up and she really was quite small (especially compared to Chiclet, who is not a large cat.) Chiclet looks quite good -- I'm glad she's feeling better.


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