Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Thoughts....

I had a friend ask me if I used the function on my cell phone for texting that guesses the word you are trying to find.  Nope, it isn't worth it for me and seems to take more time.  Beside, do you really think that the phone is going to figure out this text "4 kittens had surgery and Nevadas nuts dropped. yeah!"?  :)

Kittens came home from surgery last night and had a drunken brawl in the bathroom.  Not sure what they were doing, but the food container was dumped off the sink counter into the litter box (thankfully remaining upright and closed) and the water dish was flipped over to create a lake on the floor.  This is why kittens stay in the bathroom - at least the floor is tile!

Is it really only Thursday?  sheesh.... I need another 4 day weekend to recover from the last 4 day weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed - adoption event Saturday.  I am taking all the kittens (yeah, I know Utah isn't spayed, but she is going anyhow) and a poster for Junior.

Find a friend, snuggle up and stay warm (cause it is really cold here - mother nature realized it was December and winter arrived in a hurry)....


  1. oh, poor drunked-up kittehs! we sure hopes an' purrs that they all find fureffur homes with GOOD peoples.

    we has no trubble complyin' wif yer suggestion--it was down to freekin' 19 degrees the ofur night, an' all three of us boycats were piled up inna chair wif the comforter on it inna liffin' room where the woodstove is. xingy was curled up in her circular bed w/comforter innit, but her room hasn't got heated. if she wasn't such a hissy scaredy-cat who'd fight back, mom'd let her stay out wif us. we hear a heated cat-cup is on its way, an' we can just guess who's gettin' it!

  2. I hope the little ones heal up nicely! Good luck with the adoption event too, the cuties deserve a wonderful forever home!!!

  3. Good luck at your adoption event! I love that your Torbie kitty looks like my Phoebe :)

  4. I hope all the kittens recover quickly! Good luck on Saturday :-)


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