Friday, December 3, 2010

Good way to start a Friday morning...

The kittens are doing very well after their surgery.  Once again, no one got the memo about taking it easy, so they are off to the races as soon as the bathroom door opens.

Nevada was chasing his tail this morning and I managed to get some video.  :)

And for good measure, one of my favorite pics of him.  Yeah, I know most of them are of him sleeping, but he is so CUTE!!


  1. From the mum:
    Isn't he GORGEOUS! They never do get the 'keep quiet' message, do they? I nearly had heart failure when I walked into the kitchen to find Suey had climbed up the screen door the day after her surgery.

    In regads to your last post, we had a litter of 4 gingers and three of them were females. I've had 3 other gingers in 3 seperate multicoloured litters, and they were all boys. A lady on a cat forum I use has a male tortie. His name is Klinger, because he dresses like a girl :)

  2. What a great video, I love it when they chase their tails :-) Ben was doing it yesterday and he is two years old! I'm going to post the pics next week.

  3. Love the video, Nevada is a tail chasing pro!


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