Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bug Update

Bug went home this afternoon.  A friend of a friend expressed an interest in a friendly people loving kitty.  They have no idea what they are getting.  I am a little sad in that she won't be here anymore, but happy that she has a home of her own where she can be more the center of attention.  They have one other cat that is 3 yrs old and 4 kids: 10, 12, 15, & 17 (I think).  Jane promised to keep me updated - I told her that was a condition of adoption....  :)

I am not sure it has entirely hit me that she is no longer in the house.  I have known all along that I couldn't keep her - she deserves to be more than the last kitten in the line of what goes on around here.  I certainly have enough love for another cat, but there is only so much space and so much time in the day.  But she was a joy to raise and I am thankful everyday that a neighbor heard her crying under the stairs and we managed to pull her out, help her grow up and find her a home.


  1. It has to be so hard to see the fosters go...I would love to do it but I think they would all end up staying! Probably because of Hubby. He's a sucker for a fuzzy face.
    Hurrah for Bug!

  2. Could we see a more recent picture of her too?

  3. Even if you know it is a good home, it is always hard to say goodbye...

    p.s. You are one of the treat winners in the giveaway -- hop over to Catladyland!

  4. You were a wonderful foster mum and gave her a good start in life! I know it is hard to say goodbye. My Casper is an all white cat and strangely he was born under a porch too...interesting coincidence :-)


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