Tuesday, September 19, 2017

berry kittens

Since everyone is back at the adoption center or at a partner store with the exception of Panache (who needs a dental but is available for adoption), mom told the rescue that the foster room is clean and ready to go.

Everyone was kind of in a hurry on Saturday when mom picked up this pair, so she doesn't have a lot of background. They are a little shy but already coming around.

Mom is also still working on Panache's people skills, so rather than have to chase Panache around the house, she left her in the foster room and introduced the kittens. Considering how well Panache did when Bacall was playing space invader, mom figured it wouldn't be an issue.

Panache checked them both out and did give them a couple of licks. Then she decided that kittens are overrated and hisses at them. Not in an aggressive manner (and mom honestly thinks hissing is just Panache's way of communicating), but just enough to let the kittens know that she is NOT their momma.

Anyhow, meet Cranberry and Blueberry. Cranberry (above) is a gray and white female. She actually does have faint stripes on her sides. She is definitely the shyer of the pair but on Sunday was sniffing and licking mom's toes (and of course mom had to try desperately not to laugh and scare off the kitten). Blueberry (below) is a gray and white tabby male. He is more outgoing than his sister though still a little bit shy. They are probably 6-7 weeks old based on eye color, but they are pretty little.

Welcome kids!!


  1. They are 'berry' cute! Sorry, had to do it...now off to get a cup of coffee....

  2. Eastside beat me with that line ! Hope all goes well for all of you !

  3. Those Berry kids are just too cute. Glad Panache is putting up with them. Good luck with them.

  4. I've developed a new appreciation for kittens recently...

    1. yep - mom laughs when people are all "how do you give them up?" because they are tiny furry gangsters that's why

  5. They are very cute! I think Panache is done with the kitten thing, both physically with her spay, and emotionally.

  6. The names work well ... we all know cats are bit fruity ;)

  7. They are adorable! I like Cranberry's little socks!

  8. welcome two ewe berreez ☺☺☺ ewe two are total lee awesum lee soooper kewl !!! ♥♥♥

  9. I've had a couple of cats who thought hissing was appropriate communication. Teaching them it isn't is hard

    Welcome bouncing baby berries

  10. Welcome to the berry kittens ! They are so cute ! Purrs


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