Friday, September 15, 2017

Random Fridays

For those of you that read here and not social media, Lark, the momma cat to the songbird kittens, passed away last Friday night. There are 2 kittens left from the litter and they are staying with the head of the rescue right now. Please keep them in your thoughts - we got an update on Tuesday and they are both still doing well.

We did have some questions about what happened. While there is some speculation, ultimately it comes down to neglect. If someone had taken care of Lark when she was younger (and considering how friendly she was, someone had to have cared for her at some point) and gotten her spayed and vaccinated, none of this would have happened. For those of us in rescue, these are the hardest stories...heart break that could have been avoided had someone done something early rather than wait until it is too late and then shove their animals off on those in rescue.

Mom stopped at the adoption center on Tuesday evening. Foxy and Fish were both out in a tower and not acting too freaked out. Mom got home that night and got a text that Foxy went home!! We don't have details, but YAY!

The girls have the right idea for the weekend - though it is supposed to get close to 80 both days during the day.

There will be some cat shifting going on....Mom is going to move Rooney and Harlow from the partner store up to the adoption center today. She was really hoping they would get some great attention at the store and she would be able to do their adoption, but no luck. They are getting rowdy there in a cage so it is time to move them to the larger kitten room. Considering how outgoing they both are, hopefully they will catch someone's attention right away.

Mallard was spayed on Wednesday and will also go to the adoption center today. No doubt she will go quickly.

Panache was spayed yesterday. Mom was going to move her on Sunday to the store space that Rooney and Harlow were using. However, the clinic was supposed to do a dental and didn't, so now we have to wait for that. (yes, that noise you hear is mom banging her head on her desk)

Millie is still at that same store and mom needs to check on Chanel. We have had some great adoptions this year, but those families for Millie and Chanel need to get a move on already.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend. To those cleaning up after fires and Harvey and Irma, you are in our thoughts.


  1. The dental on Panache seems to be a real problem for the veterinary staff! It's been forgotten or missed two times now? Purring that the third time is the charm; Panache is a lovely lady who needs her furrever home asap. Yay for Foxy; the rest will find their homes soon, I just know it!

    1. the only screw up was yesterday, but it still slows down the whole process

  2. Oh, no, poor Lark. This saddens me deeply, I'm so sorry she didn't make it. A genetic defect of some sort you can understand, but neglect...I can't wrap my head around it. I don't imagine you ever get used to it, no matter how many years you're involved with rescue and foster.

    Fingers and paws crossed for everyone else, that they find wonderful forever homes. And hurrah for Foxy, I hope it will be a true forever home.

    As for Panache not getting the dental done when she should have...I don't get it. Once, maybe--sh*t happens. But twice ? (Reading the Eastside Cats comment.) I'd be doing more than figuratively banging my head against a wall.

    Sending Light and purrs to her, to you all.

    Kim and the boys

  3. So sad about Lark. Sure glad Foxy got adopted. That was one of our favorites.You sure do a good job getting all these kittens and cats adopted. Hats off to you. Have a great day and a good week end too.

  4. We're so sad to hear about Lark. People make us so mad sometimes! Paws crossed everyone finds their forever homes!

  5. We're sorry to hear about Lark. Yay for the adoptions ! Purrs

  6. Cat shuffling... Thank you for doing this! Yippee for adoptions and paws crossed for more adoptions to come!

  7. What Lark went through makes me so incredibly mad!! Lark AND her kittens! Hopefully, there will be a lot of adoptions to talk about here on Monday :)

  8. Paws up for Foxy! And paws crossed for adoptions for the rest of them!

  9. We are so sorry to hear of her passing.

  10. Sad news about Mama Lark - purrayers that her remaining kittens "live long and prosper."

  11. We are so sad about Lark and the kittens that passed. We're purring for the remaining 2 and hope they will be fine. Yay for the adoptions!

  12. I'm sorry about Lark and the kittens. Purrs and prayers for the remaining kittens. Purrs for more adoptions!!

  13. That's sad about Lark. Almost the whole family is gone, isn't it? I hope what strength there was in them are in the remaining kittens.

  14. We are so very sorry to hear about Lark! Sweet kit-cat, rest in peace.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  15. oh how my heart breaks.. I am so sorry to hear about Lark.


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