Friday, September 8, 2017

Random Fridays

We are purring for all our friends our there dealing with forest fires, Harvey and now Irma. PLEASE stay safe.

Fall is in the air and Mozart has parked himself by the floor vents hoping the warm airs get turned on.

Daiquiri is just hanging around showing off her fabulous stripes.

Mom has an adoption event tomorrow and will take Panache and Mallard. Foxy and Fish are up at the adoption center and we hope (paws crossed) they get adopted this weekend. Fish is a little shy and black so hopefully she will put out some effort.

Some good news and bad news:

After Bacall was adopted, mom sent the family a quick email. She had made a note on the paperwork that Bacall tends to get carsick (she was 4 for 4 in the last 3 weeks with mom), however mom wrote the note on the wrong copy. The family responded and said she was "a little anxious" in the car (hopefully that means she didn't throw up) but once they got home she came right out of the carrier and was super confident. YAY!!!

That said, it has been a tough week here. Lark and the songbird kittens were never really doing great. However, Monday they weren't eating much and lethargic. By Tuesday mom was more worried and took them to the adoption center. She got a different food and headed back home and was syringe feeding the kittens. She got a call on Tuesday night from her friend who has the other 4 kittens and Finch was doing poorly - she passed away Wednesday morning. When mom got home from work on Wednesday, Kestral had died...she took everyone to the center and met up with the head of the rescue. Bless Miss Mona she took mom and the other 2 kittens. Unfortunately Grackle and Starling both passed away Thursday morning. The other three kittens with mom's friend seem ok and are now on meds, but it is touch and go. Miss Mona has Lark and she will hopefully be ok as well. Mom knows it is part of rescue, but losing them all that quick and so soon after getting them is very hard.
   *8am update: Chickadee passed away early this morning. The other two kittens Robin and Wren will be going with the rescue director. Paws crossed....


  1. Oh, Jeanne, I'm so sorry about the babies. Tough enough to lose one in a litter, but several... :-(

    Purrs from N & D that the three remaining ones pull through. ♥

  2. I'm so sorry! Being aware it can happen doesn't make it any easier.

  3. Very sad news about the kittens. They were so young, not even beginning their lives. I'm glad they had names.

  4. So sorry about the kittens, that hurts now matter the reason. But how they would have suffered if they hadn't been rescued and had your loving care.

    We are waiting on our warm airs too. One evening when I had the windows open still it was cold enough that the furnace actually came on! All those kitties organized in boxes made a run for their favorite vent.

    1. the furnace isn't actually turned on yet, so no warm air coming out. once that happens, Mo will actually get UNDER the scratcher and hang out in his mancave

  5. Those angel kittens must have been very special, for them to be called back to heaven so soon. Purring that the last two get to remain with us on earth. Daiquiri's racing stripe matches the one that Storm has; one of my 'hood cats. That stripe is enchanting! Mozart, I had to pull out a COAT this morning...that just ain't right.

  6. We are so sorry. Indeed, this is a part of rescue and it never gets easier. Thank you for being there for them and for loving them. They knew this.

    No fall weather for us, yet. The wildfires are still burning in the gorge (50 miles east of us) and we have a smoke and ash weekend ahead of us for the first time in over a week!

  7. That is so sad about the kittens passing away. I know it happens, but still, how awful.

    It will be a while before anything close to warm air gets turned on her. We still have the naturally warm air outside!

  8. I still can't believe Lark had seven kittens. How devastating to lose so many when they're receiving the very best care available.
    I LOVE that white stripe down Daiquiri's back!

  9. lark; we are truly sorry to learn about your wee kittens ~~~~~~~ Godspeed their journeys to heaven ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    N guyz....we dunno how yur mom doez it; de food gurl wood be like a baskit case
    all de time.....big time hugs two her N blessings two ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  10. Oh, no! We are so very sorry to hear about the tiny songbird kit-cats!
    Sending soft woos,
    Cam and Mags

  11. Sorry about your little Songbirds flying home.

  12. Oh that's so sad about the kittens. Sending purrs...we know it's part of rescue, but still so very hard.

  13. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the kittens. Lots of tears this weekend. Purrs that Lark and the other kittens improve.

  14. oh, that's so heartbreaking to lose so many so quickly....
    we agree about all the people in harm's way, purring hard for them!

  15. Would you be interested in floor vent covers for cats? (email me if you are)

    Happy about Bacall. Glad she is settling in. Fall kittens are so heartbreaking. they are so far behind the eight ball to begin with that it just takes a little something to cause a major problem. Purrs for the remaining kittens and all who cared for all of them before they passed


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