Tuesday, September 26, 2017

weekend report

Mom was actually kind of busy this weekend....running around on Saturday doing errands and getting stuck in traffic. MOL

She stopped at the adoption center after a conversation about bringing Chanel back to the house to finish her meds. Mom spent about 15 minutes searching everywhere for her only to discover that apparently her meds were over and she had been put back in the teenage kitten room. When mom circled around the second time, Chanel was sitting in the middle of the room like she had been there the entire time. Mom did hear that on Sunday, Chanel made a break for it, escaped the kitten room and ran around the adoption desk until the head rescue lady grabbed her and realized which kitten she had. And then Chanel was popped back in the kitten room.


Mom visited a friend on Sunday morning at the local university hospital. She then spent 30 minutes trying to find her car....

Panache went to an adoption event on Sunday afternoon. She really is unfazed by much of anything. She just hung out and watch everyone go by. She was dropped off after that at the clinic and had her dental done on Monday. There is an opening at a local partner store, so she will go up there later in the week.

The berry kittens are doing well. Blueberry is more affectionate than his sister for the moment, but they are both warming up.

Of course, we also still had the HOLY HOTS here this weekend. Don't get us wrong, we get the hots...but this is September!!


  1. OOOOOOPZ....all most chanel...all most..... ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    N what iz it bout peepulz N carz.....de food gurl N her mom waz at a local store; parkin lotz may bee 10 bye 20...N they couldna find her car either ~~~ ?? ☺☺☺

  2. What a character Chanel is! Somebody needs to adopt her, stat!

  3. Oh boy! I'm sorry you couldn't find your vehicle when visiting me! That place is CRAZY! I did ask if you needed a Sherpa when you were leaving, sounds like you did!
    Love those kitties, they needs adoptin' soon!
    I missed Mo's birthday! and probably others, been a little out of it this week.. Happy belated Mo!

    1. seriously - around in circles....then discovered I was looking for the WRONG parking garage. sometimes I amaze even myself. :)

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