Monday, June 8, 2015

weekend report

Mom spent most of her time getting stuff done around here. Tons of laundry, cleaning the bathroom, the dreaded vacuum cleaner.....and a couple of naps of course. :)

Margarita went on Tuesday to be spayed. She was pretty done with the kittens and mom hadn't gotten to the point where she trusted Margarita out of the bathroom without supervision, so it was time for her to head out to be adopted. There was an open space at a nearby Petsmart adoption center, so on Saturday morning mom took Margarita over to there and got her set up in a cage over there. Hopefully someone will see her and fall in love quickly.

last trip to the milk bar before mom leaves

little orange stalkers

"mom mom mom mom"

Remember this girl??
In March mom was contacted by a previous adopter that this small black cat was outside her house.... in a snow storm.  Mom picked her up and then got permission for Sonata to be part of the rescue. Well....  Sonata got ADOPTED!!!  On mom's trek to Petsmart on Saturday, she met Sonata's new mom and dad. They do have another cat at home but Sonata should be fine. They talked about introductions and taking it slow. Good luck baby!!!

And then there was something else on Saturday.....but more on that tomorrow.

The fiesta kittens are doing well and getting pretty close to 2 pounds. This age is tough cause they spend a lot of time running around and burning calories.


  1. I especially love adopters who choose black kitties :)

  2. Cutie pies! Good news about the adoption.

    P.S the kitties have taken over our blog today. Hope you will stop by

  3. That is awesome that Sonata got adopted! I hope the Margarita finds her home soon too.

  4. Paws up for Sonata having a new home!

  5. Yes, those kittens look a little too big for milk from mum anymore. And I'm glad to read about Sonata. Good luck to her!

  6. That's great news for Sonata! And we're purring that the same happens for Margarita too.

  7. I am so happy about Sonata. The Ornj boys are too adorable! Margarita looks tired!!!

  8. Fingers crossed for a fast adoption for Margarita! Yay for Sonata!

  9. Super news re: Sonata! We're keeping our paws crossed for Margarita as well, that she finds a wonderful forever home.

  10. conga ratz two ewe sonata !!!! YAY YAY & YAY !!!!! best fishes two ewe in yur new for evers anda veree happee gotcha day az well....

    N de best oh best fishes oh de best two ewe margarita, we hope yur in yur new for everz by dadz day way kewl wood that bee huh ♥♥♥ !!!!!!!

  11. YAY!!!!! So happy for Sonata!!!
    We hope everything went well for Margarita!


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