Wednesday, March 14, 2012

there was this kitten......

How many of us have heard or told a story that started that way?

We know most of you reading this are animals or animal people - or you wouldn't still be reading.... MOL

And we know that most of you do something to support rescue: adopt, volunteer, foster or donate. But we are asking you to help us help a small rescuer.....

Mom wants to be like Crystal when she grows up. Crystal opened her home and her heart - and her bank account - to build 2 cat houses to take in those cats that need help. She has had some great saves, stories, losses and adoptions. Now we would like to help her spread the word and get those adult cats still in the cat houses adopted. You may have heard it before, but adoption really saves 2 lives - the one you adopt and the one that can be rescued into that open space.

You can order a brick for the walkway. We already have one and are ordering one to honor and remember our angels Butterscotch and Tigger.

Or, you can tweet, blog or facebook about these great cats.

Or, if you know of someone looking for a special cat (or two), direct them to Winnie's Wish on Petfinder:


  1. What sweet-looking kitties! Wish we could take some but considering we have 14 dogs....

  2. We love what she does sooooooo much! We bought a brick last time and I am so very proud of it!

  3. The publicist would so love more kitties but the male person gives her that look that tells her she had better be happy with the four she has...

  4. My mom just went, "GAH!" You wouldn't believes how much she wants another kitteh. She says that she thinks it's only fair for Sisfur Abby to help even things out in our house. There are 2 humans, 2 doggies and only 1 kitteh.

    But even if we don't adopt a kitteh for her, we might have to buy a brick for my Angel Kitteh Brudder Cap'n Ripley.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Thanks for your good wishes for my mom on our bloggie today!

  5. We love Chrystal! We got bricks (Leo and Star each have their own because they do. not. share! MOL)
    We got a kitty! Leo is a Winnie's Wish kitty. And we hope and pray and beg for adoptions for her!

    Mayziegal, if you got a kitty from Chrystal, you would be so happy! All those kitties are just wonderful! Distance is no object, they can get kitties just about anywhere!

  6. Chrystal's kitties are the best!!!

  7. We agree that cat(any animal) people are pawsome!
    We think you and Crystal are amazing too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ


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